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Harvard & Stanford Medical Professors Strongly Condemn “Vaccine Passports”

What Happened: Dr. Martin Kulldorff, a Harvard medical professor, epidemiologist and vaccine expert alongside Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, (two founding members of The Great Barrington Declaration) a physician and professor at Stanford Medical school recently published a piece in the Wall Street Journal condemning the idea of vaccine passports, a measure that seems to be gaining traction in multiple countries.

These vaccine “passports” would allow those who have been vaccinated to travel without being subjected to quarantine measures, and perhaps go to concerts, enter certain restaurants, schools, sports arenas, and other public buildings that those who are not vaccinated will not be allowed to enter, it appears. It looks like these passports are going to be digital, once you’ve received your shots, you get a phone app or a document that you will flash to gain entry. Who knows what freedoms previously enjoyed will be unavailable to the unvaccinated? We have yet to see how this will all roll out.

According to the professors,

Covid vaccine passports would harm, not benefit, public health. The idea that everybody needs to be vaccinated is as scientifically baseless as the idea that nobody does. Covid vaccines are essential for older, high-risk people and their caretakers and advisable for many others. But those who’ve been infected are already immune. The young are at low risk, and children — for whom no vaccine has been approved anyway — are at far less risk of death than from the flu.

 The public has lost trust in officials in part because they’ve performed poorly — relying on lockdowns to disastrous effect — and in part because they’ve made clear their distrust of the public. Trust, after all, is a two-way street. Coercive vaccination policies would erode trust even further. Even well-informed people may legitimately wonder: Why are they forcing me to take this shot if it’s so good for me?

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