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Help us SPREAD THE WORD and save our MEDICAL FREEDOM! – Save Our Rights UK

Let’s start with the good news!

Support for our Medical Freedom Bill has been gathering momentum. Over 30,000 have lobbied senior politicians via our website and more than 10,000 have expressed their concerns on a Government consultation.

Unfortunately, the situation remains perilous. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that they ARE considering bringing in Vaccine Passports/Covid Status Certification for a number of different types of venues with trials starting just next month.  However, he’s facing resistance from within his own party and the balance of power is likely to lie with Labour leader Keir Starmer. 

We oppose the idea that anyone should be refused access to services based on their medical status. That’s why we launched the Medical Freedom Bill campaign: to pass a law which actively protects the freedoms of every individual in this country and ensures that no individual can be discriminated against based on their vaccine status.

Now, we want to take this message to the masses via a nationwide advertising campaign.

Will you help us raise enough money to splash the message across billboards, spread the word via flyers and raise awareness through social media ads?

Check out our new crowdfunding page

Every pound donated on our dedicated crowdfunding page goes towards raising awareness of the Medical Freedom Bill and encouraging more and more people to join us in opposing any form of vaccine passport or medical status discrimination.

We know there’s growing concern in the wider public about the possible introduction of vaccine certificates and other means of segregating society based on medical status. This is all in spite of the media’s ongoing fear-mongering and its tacit support for a medical surveillance society.

Can you help us break through and disrupt this narrative?

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More high profile people are expressing their opposition. Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey has condemned the idea – and even Keir Starmer has expressed concerns, albeit coated in a way that gives him wriggle room. 

The louder we make our voices, the more people will join the chorus and the more politicians will be forced to sit-up and take notice.

Action now is paramount if we’re to avoid a medical checkpoint society where access to shops, bars, flights will be dependent upon your medical status.

Help tip the balance in favour of freedom

Thank you for your continued support from us all, 

Save Our Rights UK Team 

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