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5 Reasons to Buy Home Automation and Security Equipment Together

There was a time when home automation and home security were considered separate entities. Indeed, that time wasn’t too long ago. But it is now possible to combine them to create a single system that simultaneously makes your home more efficient and safer. Moreover, there are particularly good reasons for doing so.

Vivint, a nationally known company that installs and monitors home security and automation systems, recently published a post introducing new customers in Georgia to home automation systems. The post perfectly encapsulates why customers might want to combine the two technologies into one. The concept is not limited to Georgia, either.

Based on a combination of that post and independent research, here are the top five reasons to buy your home automation and security equipment together:

1. Out-Of-The-Box Compatibility

Purchasing all of your equipment from the same manufacturer generally gets you out-of-the-box compatibility among all the devices. That means your motion sensors work with your video cameras. Your automated lighting can work in concert with your smart door locks. The benefits should be obvious.

Out-of-the-box compatibility means everything works without any fuss. You will not spend hours trying to set up a system comprised of components that were not made to work together. In fact, buying everything from a single manufacturer can result in a set up that takes no more than an hour or so. You are not going to have it so easy buying your components piecemeal.

2. Efficient System Dependencies

One of the most interesting points made by Vivint’s Georgia post was the ability to set up certain elements of your system to be dependent on others. For example, they cited the ability to automatically lock your doors whenever you arm your security system. Think about that for just one minute.

Many of us walk around the house at night locking doors, making sure windows are secure, and turning off the lights. What if you could pull out your smartphone, bring up your home automation app, and swipe your finger to arm the security system? Simultaneously, your first-floor doors would automatically lock. On your way up the stairs, you swipe your finger again and all of the first-floor lights shut off. No more wandering.

This feature alone makes a compelling reason to combine home security and automation. Your house truly becomes smart when you can build dependency into your system. One action triggers a series of further actions, making it incredibly easy to control your entire home with a limited number of actions.

3. Single App Control

When you buy home automation and security components piecemeal, you get a ton of mobile apps to make them work. Each device has its own app. Now, you might be able to tie them all into the same hub in your house. You could use that hub for central control. But what happens when you leave home? You are now back to multiple mobile apps.

Buying everything together almost always means a single app to control every device in your system. One app on your mobile phone lets you adjust your thermostat on the fly. That same app allows you to turn your lights on and off whenever you want. Use the app to unlock your door, check your video camera feeds, and even turn on the entertainment system so that you’re greeted with pleasant music as soon as you walk in the door.

None of this is theoretical. Vivint is just one company that has an all-inclusive app covering all of its devices. This has become the trend among home security and automation companies. The key is finding a company that sells everything in one package.

4. A Single Customer Service Point

Another big advantage of buying all of your devices in a single package is getting a single point for customer service. Whether you are in Georgia, California or Texas, one contact point is huge. One contact point means a single phone number, email address, or website.

Imagine having a single contact point for your car. The same company that sold it to you also handles maintenance and repairs, insurance, fuel, etc. Such a contact point doesn’t exist, and you know the result of that. It does exist in the home security and automation arena. And it is a tremendous help whenever you want to order new equipment, request service, check on upgrades, or just ask a question.

5. Better Pricing

Although there are never guarantees, there is a tendency for all-in-one packages to come with better pricing. Companies that sell them make their money on volume rather than the highest possible profit on each individual device.

It is no different from any other industry. Buy an all-inclusive package and you get better pricing. You would probably spend significantly less purchasing everything at once than doing it piecemeal over several months or years. And by the way, a typical entry-level package would include the following:

  • Door and window sensors
  • One or two video cameras
  • One or two motion sensors
  • A smart thermostat
  • Smart lighting fixtures
  • A central hub.

Throw in electronic door locks and a video doorbell and you have the makings for a good starter package. From there you can add as your budget and needs dictate.

Efficient and More Secure

The ultimate goal is making your home more efficient and secure. From the efficiency side of things, home automation allows you to better control everything from lighting to thermostats. You can even control your window blinds. Ultimately, you use less energy because you use it more efficiently.

On the security side, it is about prevention and monitoring. The right equipment can act as a deterrent to crime. Monitoring equipment can alert you in the event of forced entry or another emergency, like fire or carbon monoxide leak.

If you are thinking of getting into home security and automation, you might just as well address both at the same time. Buying all of your equipment together definitely has its perks.

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