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What Caused 35,000 Excess Deaths In The UK And Ireland In January And February 2021?

In early January the death rate in Ireland went through the roof. Officially the deaths are being attributed to Covid-19. However, what if public health officials are wrong?

In Ireland the online funeral platform RIP.IE lists 98% of the

country’s funerals, making it possible to get accurate up to date data within days. In January the death rate increased by an alarming 30% percent; a trend that was still quite high throughout the month of February. The five year average for deaths in Ireland in January is 3204 people, yet this year- in the region of 4,100 died.

During the winter months of 2020 there was no excess mortality in Ireland, a pattern which continued up until January 7th. From that point onwards, the death rate suddenly increased by 15%; by the end of the next week it increased to 40%. By week four, the death rates were hovering at around 50% above normal. In total, about 900 additional people died; half of them nursing home residents.

There was no flu in Ireland in January or February 2021 or anywhere else in the world, or so we are led to believe, and the weather was pretty much normal for the time of year. The only new publicized, out of the ordinary addition to the mix was the UK Covid variant -one of many-and an experimental Covid vaccine which was rolled out in Ireland in January, and Britain several weeks earlier.

The Irish Times headline on January 29th seemed to suggest that there was nothing out of the ordinary happening in the country:

Covid-19: Majority of fatalities had underlying conditions

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