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Email we have received from a man convinced with good reason the ‘vaccine’ killed his fiancé. It’s a tragic story to be read to the end to see how ‘vaccine’-connected deaths are not being recorded

This is really difficult for me to write this, as it involves tragic personal circumstances, but I felt I need to get this out to someone as another example of “what is really happening” in our UK hospitals and with the covid vaccination program. 

Earlier on this year my partner collapsed with what we were told was a “brain aneurysm” and died in hospital the following day.  She was under 50 and had no underlying conditions at the time. She was healthy and happy. As you can imagine, myself and the whole family are devastated and I’m only just coming to terms with what has happened.

I spent 12 hours in a prominent northern UK hospital and even though the personal circumstances were horrific , it gave me chance to observe what is actually happening at that hospital rather than what we are being told in the news.

We are being told even now by the local press that the hospital is “really busy” and it is constantly issuing updates about high patient numbers and covid cases.

As someone who is quite familiar with this hospital and how it normally operates what I saw was completely different.

The place is empty. The wards are empty, there is no one around, it is like a ghost town. I made a couple of detours from the main visitor car park (empty – you normally can’t get a space) down to A+E via numerous corridors and it’s the same everywhere. The odd staff member walking between wards etc but that is it.

A+E is normally like a war zone. I counted no more than 10 people in there on at least 3 occasions during the whole day. A+E generally wasn’t busy at all, no-one was rushing about, no need for urgency as the numbers didn’t demand it.

No onslaught of incoming ambulances, crews sat outside twiddling their thumbs waiting for a call, never mind the next call.

Inside the hospital the situation was very interesting. I never wore a mask once. I wore a lanyard but was never challenged or queried in the whole 12 hours except for one jobsworth who made me put a face visor on when I was sat ON MY OWN in the isolated patient care room with my partner on a ventilator. It was ludicrous, and as soon as she left I removed  it.

The staff in the hospital only wore masks or visors when they thought they “should be seen to” but were very casual about it otherwise…  not what you’d expect for a so called deadly disease that is sweeping the world? 

The other thing I noticed was a significant military and police presence. The military were on hand to assist in the menial jobs like those of porters etc and I presume that this is to fill in for all the regular staff who have no doubt been forced to self-isolate after “testing positive” for the test that doesn’t test for the virus.

Then there were the police. The police were present on almost EVERY entrance to the building and my guess is their job was purely to watch for members of the general public trying to gain access to film what was really happening within the hospital.

The staff in general were great with us. There was one exception and this involved organ donorship. My partner had ticked the box many years ago to be an organ donor and after the first queries on this from the doctors we agreed as a family after discussion (for various reasons) that we didn’t want to donate her organs. We ended up having THREE meetings about this over the day and were highly pressured by one doctor in particular to change our minds. I vary nearly lost it completely with her and stated in no uncertain terms that I thought we were being COERCED into changing our minds. I thought it was disgraceful the way they were treating us. That didn’t go down well. In the end they backed down.

We also learned right from the off that there would be no “positive outcome” for my partner.  A CT scan and numerous consultation s from a top neurological clinic confirmed that the bleeding on the brain was so bad that if they tried to operate she would die on the operating table. She was immediately put on a ventilator and we then had to make the decision as to when to turn it off. We did so that evening and she died shortly after.

After such a harrowing day and the subsequent qrief that followed we’d pretty much accepted the cause of death as originally stated. This changed for me when the death certificate arrived later in the week. Not covid (thank god) but a “spontaneous intracerebral haemorrhage.” This didn’t sit right with me after what we’d been told and a few days later I started to look this up and what the potential causes might be… at the time I just wanted some indication as to how on earth this could have happened, but didn’t come up with anything of note to correlate the cause of death.

A week later I started back at work (a much needed distraction before the funeral) and started picking up on the alternative news again, (I don’t watch mainstream TV) particularly and It was here I started to hear about the Astra Zeneca vaccine being suspended across many countries due to blood clots and that pricked my ears. The story that really got me was on a particular edition of the UK Column news with an article quoting the MHRA’s June Raine stating “We have received a very small number of reports of an extremely rare form of blood clot in the cerebral veins…” I also picked up a report from Norway about the three health workers under 50 all struck down by blood clots following the vaccine, one dying.

This hit me like a train and prompted me to seriously consider the possibility that this might not have been an unexplained death after all…

I’ve been “awake” for a number of years now and am well aware of what is really going on. My partner has always supported what I think but I don’t think she’s ever had the inclination to take it too seriously. She’s had the children to bring up and that’s far more important to her. Those children were her life.

We discussed the vaccine a few times. I passed on what I considered to be relevant information to her. I told her they would have to kill me before I took this experimental poison, but when I asked her what she was going to do she said she was undecided. She was actually offered the vaccine right at the beginning of the year due to a major operation many years ago which categorised her as “vulnerable.” I believe the truth was she was extremely worried about losing benefits or drawing attention to herself or the children if she didn’t take the vaccine and that really bothered her. It was the children that were her primary concern. I know she had had some pressure off the local GP to get vaccinated as she told me she’d been receiving phone calls.

I told her I didn’t want her to take the vaccine, that if she felt pressured she didn’t have to refuse it, merely to state she was delaying her decision on safety concerns, but that I would respect her decision whatever it was. We left it at that.

But here’s the stinger.

I was taking one of the children out and we were talking in the car as you do and out of the blue asked me, “Are you going to have the vaccine?” to which I replied, “No, I’ve got real concerns about the safety of it, I think it’s dangerous.” 

The reply came back, “Mummy had the vaccine.”

It floored me.

A couple of deep breaths later I managed to compose myself to ask when that happened and the reply came, “A couple of weeks ago,” which counting back would be the day before she died.

I am now convinced it was the vaccine that killed her.

Following on from this bombshell I have now reported the death to the MHRA and seek further clarification. Either way it doesn’t change things but looking at all the mounting evidence that’s now out there in the public domain I cannot come to any other conclusion other than the one I have.

I’ve lost the person I loved, the children have lost their mum, the family have lost their daughter.

And I’m stating right here that the blame for this lies firmly at the feet of the UK Government, its corrupt politicians, pseudo-scientists and behavioural psychologists. All assisted by a toothless media that has been bought off and fully complicit in this fraud.

It’s criminal what is going on and these people need to be sent to jail for what they are doing.

Keep up the good work. These evil conmen, their cohorts and gofers need exposing for what they really are.



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