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Protect your Kids Even When you’re not around with FamiSafe

Every parent feels worried about their kid when they are out in the park, or having fun on the internet. No place is safe nowadays, whether it is the internet or a public place.

Therefore, it is crucial for a parent to monitor the online activities of their children, and that’s possible with FamiSafe Parental Control app. The app is a massive feature-loaded utility for parents who are often worried about their kids’ online activities and want to keep a note of the places their kids’ visit. 

FamiSafe will help you manage it all from a distance. Let’s find out more about the features of FamiSafe, its pricing, and some more details in this article.

FamiSafe Parental Control App – An Overview

FamiSafe is a parental control app, developed by Wondershare technologies. The app is made for parents who want to take care of their child’s online activities and want them to become good digital citizens, and also focus on building their personalities rather than building clans in Clash of Clans.

The app has a feature to track the real-time location, block apps, websites, and more. Furthermore, it is available on all types of OS, such as Android, Kindle iOS, and more. 

Features of FamiSafe Parental Control App

1. Activity report 

This feature of Famisafe helps you to find out the apps installed and uninstalled on your child’s device. You can also find out the websites visited, and the time spent on each website. Moreover, you can block access to certain apps for a specific period of time. 

2. Driving habit monitor

Have you allowed your child to take the car to school? Or do you want to observe the driving habits of the driver who drops your child at the school? If yes, then FamiSafe will help you out with this as well. It keeps a record of the speed, average speed, total distance has driven and helps your child to develop good driving habits. 

3. Location tracking

Famisafe has a location tracking feature that can track the real-time location of your kids. Moreover, you can set regions and get alerts whenever your kids move out of that region.

4. App & Website blocker 

Famisafe allows you to block access to certain apps that you think your kids are using the most. You can set schedules and block apps for a particular time period.

Another feature is the website blocker that can block access to websites following in a particular category such as drugs, porn, social media, and more. You can block various categories at a time, and the sites that fall under the category will be blocked from access.

5. Detect suspicious text and Photos

If you are worried that a child might have nudes or pornographic content in his device, then Famisafe’s suspicious file detector can help you out and send you alerts whenever it finds a suspicious image in the device. 

Furthermore, there is also a suspicious text detection feature that detects all the blocked words on your child’s device and sends you an alert whenever he/she encounters such words. You can create a list of the words on your own.

6. Screen time

If your child often spends time playing games and social media, you can find out that via Famisafe. The Screen time feature helps you to check the time spent on each app and website, and you can set limits on how long he/she can use an app or website. 

Famisafe Parental control App – Pricing

Famisafe is available at a monthly cost of $9.99 and protects 5 devices at a time. The quarterly plan protects 10 devices at a cost of $19.99, whereas the annual plan protects 30 devices simultaneously for $59.99.

You can download the FamiSafe Parental control app on:

Wrapping Up

FamiSafe is the best parental control app that can help you to do your job more easily even when you are not around your kids. The app has various built-in features that can help your kids in reducing the screentime, and focus more on other activities. 

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