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High School To “Reeducate” Students Who Refuse To Wear COVID Masks

A high school in Clearwater, Florida says it will “reeducate” students “who do not wear a mask when required.”

A recent Clearwater High School update on the 2020-21 school year details the punishment for students who defy mask policies under the “noncompliance” section.

“The wearing of a face covering is a public health issue,” the school website explains. “Students who do not wear a mask when it is required (or refuse to do so), should first be reeducated on the importance of wearing a mask. If after the reeducation occurs, they still do not comply, the student’s administrator should be contacted.”

Students who do not wear their masks after “reeducation” will eventually be kicked out of school and made to attend an “online” or “virtual school.”

The school calls this a “non-disciplinary” placement.

“Not wearing a mask when it is required is not a disciplinary matter, but rather a health and safety concern. Administrators will contact the parent/guardian for support. If the refusal continues, the principal must contact the area superintendent/chief to discuss options which will include administrative placement into one of the other learning options (MyPCS Online or Pinellas Virtual School). This placement is a non-disciplinary placement and is based on the health and safety needs of all students and staff.”

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