Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 31 March 2021

Maskless Pregnant Mother Thrown Out Of Church And Threatened With Arrest After Idiot Priest Calls Police

A pregnant mother attending church with her baby was forced to leave the building under threat of arrest after the parish priest called police on her for not wearing a face mask.

Appearing on the Dr. Taylor Marshall Podcast, Deirdre Hairston explained how she was told to exit the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Dallas, Texas in the middle of Sunday Mass.

Hairston said parish priest Father Ryan called law enforcement after she told him Governor Greg Abbott recently rescinded the statewide mask mandate. Footage filmed by Hairston shows a female officer telling her, “I’m going to put you in handcuffs if you don’t stand up.”

The Dallas cop confronted Hairston as she was kneeling for Holy Communion.

“I was holding my one-year-old baby, I still had the eucharist on my tongue actually,” she explained during the interview. Explaining why she was being asked to leave, the officer said the pregnant mother was “trespassing” by attending Mass without a mask.

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