Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 31 March 2021

Covid Face Masks Killing Wildlife, Study Says

Researchers are blaming “corona waste,” including disposable face masks and latex gloves, for a recent increase in wildlife deaths.

The researchers in the Netherlands say wildlife across the world is getting entangled in discarded face masks and other safety gear.

“Researchers note incidents of foxes in the United Kingdom and birds in Canada all becoming entangled in discarded face masks,” according to “Hedgehogs, seagulls, crabs, and even bats are all encountering the disposable plastics in the environment.”

“In some cases, study authors say animals are eating this debris.” Informed readers will see the irony in that the very people pushing face mask mandates also claim to be concerned with “global warming” and the environment in general.

Of course, the irony is expected when it comes to political affiliations that are only ankle deep because the people espousing them are typically just parroting mainstream news instead of having deep political and philosophical discussions among themselves. And it’s also expected because unintended consequences are never a consideration when decisions are based on fear instead of logic.

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