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How To Get a Professional-Grade Facial Massage Without Moving an Inch


Getting a facial massage is the best way to relax and rejuvenate your facial muscles and the skin. Also, it has a mood-lifting effect and can relieve stress in an instant. But most people cannot visit a professional masseur regularly because of lack of time.

Guess what! This doesn’t have to be a major problem, though, because you can treat yourself to a spa-like facial massage at home without moving an inch. Provided you have a top facial massage device like Anfisa Skin’s Moon White Jade Face Massage Beauty Tool. Read on to learn about how to give yourself a professional-grade face massage at home.

A Step-by-Step Guide of Doing a Facial Massage


Before you begin, do the following preparation steps.

· Use a mild cleanser to clean your face. Make sure that your skin is thoroughly clean before you begin the process of massaging.

· Pick the right facial oil: If you have dry skin, you would do best with marula, almond, or argon oils. 

On the other hand, grapeseed or jojoba oil works best for those with oily skin. And if you have sensitive skin, you are best off with Moringa or aloe vera oils.

· If you don’t want to use oil, the alternative is to go for a top-quality cream or moisturizer for face massage.

· Ensure your hands are thoroughly clean.

· Apart from your fingers, you can also massage your face with a jade roller or face roller. 

At this time, you can now follow these steps to give yourself a professional-level massage right at home:

Step 1: Start With Your Forehead

Put your knuckles on the forehead, between your eyebrows.

Move them up gently, toward the hairline. After that, move them sideways in the direction of your temples. Do it in a scraping motion.

Step 2: Move to the Eye Area

Place the tips of your index and middle fingers on your temples

Glide the fingers right under your eye region, towards the bridge of the nose

Continue to glide your fingers over the eyebrows and then repeat the same under the eye area, moving through a circular path.

Do this five times.

Step 3: Massage the Cheeks

  • Position your knuckles on the cheeks, close to where the nose bridge is located.
  • Gently swipe it across your cheeks, near the ears.
  • Do the trick five times.

Step 4: Massage The Mouth Area

With your middle finger and index finger, make a V sign.

  • Put your fingers on the region of your mouth so that the index finger in the upper lip and your middle one just below the lower lip.
  • Gently pull and press the fingers towards your ears
  • Do it five times

Step 5: Massage the Chin Area

  • Put the knuckles on your chin in a manner that the jaw line rests between your knuckles.
  • Pull the knuckles upwards gently, along the jawline, and toward the area of the ears.
  • As usual, do it five times.

Step 6: Massage the Neck

  • Your knuckles should be placed under your chin to massage the neck area.
  • Next up, pull them gently downwards in the direction of the collarbone.
  • Repeat these movements by moving the knuckles along your jaw line and pulling them down to your collarbone.
  • Repeat it five times.

Step 7: Massage Your Face’s Entire Outline 

  • Place the knuckles between the eyebrows
  • Move them upward, towards the temples, and along the hairline.
  • Move it down the face, which includes your jaw line.

After following these steps, the next thing you need to do is to put your palms on the face and press gently. Take a deep breath to enable you to relax.

While the steps are basic and direct, they lead to a highly effective facial massage. You can follow these steps easily, and it only takes a few minutes of your time. Moreover, you get to enjoy the full benefits of a facial massage, which includes improved circulation and stress relief.

More Facial Massage Tips

Use a top massaging tool- This best enhances your experience. A Gua Sha tool, such as the Moon White Jade Beauty Massage Face Tool, gives you a calming massage. It gives you a better experience than when you use your bare knuckles.

Don’t disregard the Neck- Your neck skin is just as important as other parts of the body, which is why it needs an equal level of care. When massaging the face, extend it to the neck and also the chest areas.

Use Anti-Aging Creams- When you introduce anti-aging creams to your facial massage care, you benefit from enhanced skin, aging delay, and reduced fine lines.

Exfoliate before Massage- Exfoliation enables your skin to take in moisturizer of oils much better.

Massage in the Evenings- Massaging in the evening ensures the skin absorbs skincare products more efficiently overnight.

These steps are not cast in stone. You can be flexible and skip or add them based on your comfort or convenience level. Regularly massaging your face improves the texture of the skin with time. Therefore, if you can afford a few minutes, try to do facial massage therapy whenever you can.


Far from what many people think, doing facial massage is not a preserve of just a spa therapist or a salon. With many people becoming conscious about the need to keep their skincare routine top-notch, many more people are recognizing the importance of a quality facial massage. They have many benefits, which include giving you a healthy glow and helping to fight aging signs. Also, a regular massage will keep you rejuvenated and relaxed.

Luckily, anyone can do a nice facial massage at home. With the advent of face massage tools, the process has become a lot easier. You only need to follow a few steps that last a couple of minutes, and you are done. Who said you have to leave your home and travel far to treat your face? That won’t be necessary any longer.

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