Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 29 March 2021

Big Tech tyrants going hard against ‘medical misinformation,’ AKA vaccine questions

With Covid-19 lockdowns slowly but surely falling off, the newest push is for vaccine mandates. We haven’t heard too much about it from the federal government but state and local governments are looking into things like “vaccine passports” and other ways to mandate compliance with Covid vaccination protocols. Meanwhile, private businesses have already started initiating their own version of “get the jab to get a job” policies.

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All the while, mainstream media is pushing the vaccines hard. But Big Tech has been the most egregious with their own iterations of vaccine lockdowns as many of the bigger players are suppressing discussions about them. YouTube is the most draconian of the Big Tech tyrants so far, deleting videos and suspending accounts that dare to ask valid questions about the efficacy, necessity, or safety of Covid vaccines.

We’re not alone. Apparently, many others who are asking questions are being hit hard by YouTube. According to One News Now:

At the Bringing America Back to Life Convention in Cleveland earlier this month, Dr. Alan Moy of the John Paull II Medical Research Institute and Sarah Quale of the Personhood Alliance gave a presentation on the science and ethics of COVID-19 vaccines.

“YouTube removed the video of our presentation because they said it was medical misinformation,” Quale reports. “That’s a label that they’ve been using a lot more often lately, particularly in terms of COVID information, and particularly information about COVID vaccines.”

Quale stresses that people need to hear the pros and cons in order to make an informed decision on whether they should obtain a vaccine.

“This really should disturb everybody, regardless of what they think about vaccines,” she tells One News Now. “We’re no longer permitted to offer any other data or perspective or conclusions than what is put forth by the government and the media outlets who agree with them, and that is including Big Tech.”

On the latest episode of NOQ Report, we talked about the YouTube policies as well as other types of narrative suppression happening across the board on Big Tech “platforms.” YouTube may be the most obvious culprit, but Facebook, Twitter, and other Big Tech tyrants are starting to flex their anti-anti-vaxx muscles. It should be noted that I am not an “anti-vaxxer.” If someone wants to take the vaccine, they should be able to without being shamed. I’m a big fan of vaccine transparency and vaccine choice. Take it if you want. Try to be as informed as possible. Participate in discussions… just apparently not on Big Tech “platforms.”

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