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‘COVID’ Cases Spiking In 13 US States – Most Have High Vaccination Rates

The world is focused on COVID-19 vaccination and the increase in alleged COVID variants that are causing governments to feel they are in a race against time to vaccinate their populations before more variants can be created that may be unpredictable.

COVID cases in 13 US states are spiking, among these states are some of the most highly vaccinated states in the country. An Axios analysis found Michigan is leading in new cases as their 7 day average has spiked by around 53%. Michigan also happens to be above the average US vaccination rate at 13.9%.

Why It Matters:

As these numbers continue to be reported, we notice that cases is still the main focus. I was able to find a small uptick in hospitalizations reported in Michigan, but this did not seem concerning given the level of cases being reported. Most of the time throughout COVID in the US, cases have not been linked to a large spike in hospitalizations.

Many who have ventured outside mainstream media’s tight control on the COVID narrative have hypothesized that strictly focusing on cases does not tell a full picture of what’s going on. Simply testing a person who is found to have COVID isn’t necessarily a negative – in fact, asymptomatic infection may be exactly what the population needs to build herd immunity.

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