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Children Of The Matrix & Phantom Self – 25% Off All Weekend

Children of the Matrix by David Icke

Who are the Children of the Matrix?     WE ARE.     All of us.

In this Book, David goes deeper than any other into the Reptilian Manipulation of Human life. There’s accounts from people who have interacted with these Entities, Legends from the Ancient World and Native Peoples right up to information from Intelligence insiders of today and when they’re all telling the same story that’s a bit more than a coincidence.

In this Book, written in the year 2000, David describes many events that are happening today and gives the back-story as to why they’re happening and what’s behind them.

The Once fantastic now seems to make much more sense of the World around us than anything else you’ll see around the World.

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Phantom Self by David Icke

The questions are being asked like never before. What is happening in the World? What is ‘life’ really about? Gathering numbers of people have a sense of unease about the direction of human society without knowing why. Something is happening, but what?

David Icke has spent more than a quarter of a century uncovering the ‘what’- and the who, why and how. He was doing so long before there was any alternative media as we see today and he has constantly pushed forward the cutting edge of understanding about events and reality like no one else. Almost every day something he said was planned to happen in his books years ago is coming to pass.

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The Answer

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