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Australian man launches petition to rename ‘offensive’ Golden Gaytime

There are calls to change the name of the renowned Golden Gaytime amid concerns it is offensive to Australia’s gay community.

Australian man, known only as Brian Mc, launched the petition online earlier in the month and has since gone to war with ice-cream giant Streets and its parent company Unilever.

The petition has gathered more than 800 signatures so far.

Mr Mc described the name of the ice cream, which was first released in 1959, as “outdated” and “offensive” and is calling for the term “gay” to be banished from its title.

“As a part of the LGBTQIA+ community I believe my sexual identity is owned by me, not a brand and that the outdated meaning no longer applies. Isn’t it time for this double entendre to end?” he said in the notes below the petition.

Other brands have changed their names in the last year to remove racist connotations. For instance, Redskins became Red Ripper, Chicos became Cheekies and Coon Cheese was renamed Cheer Cheese.

Now Mr Mc is calling for Golden Gaytime to receive the same treatment.

“Under the law they are seen the same, discrimination means being treated unfairly or not as well as others because of a protected characteristic like age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race or disability,” he said.

“It’s not my place to tell Streets what to call their rebranded product, but I do feel it’s time that the Golden Gaytime is called out for being outdated, especially when Streets is releasing new products and cross promotions in 2021.”

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