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Jabs will be COMPULSORY for care home staff: Leaked report from fascist UK government says ministers will make DNA-manipulating ‘vaccines’ mandatory for workers in adult social care amid concerns over low take-up – you have a ‘choice’ to have it or we’ll make you. This is fascism care workers and if you have a massive walkout and down tools, or even threaten to do so, this will be over before it has started – are you going to let this dick risk your life?? Who the hell is he??

Care home workers will be forced to get a coronavirus vaccine, a leaked document has revealed. 

Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock are believed to have pushed for the move amid alarm over the low take-up of jabs among care home staff. Figures show that only around a quarter of care homes in London and around half in other parts of England have reached ‘safe’ levels of vaccination of staff. 

A paper was submitted to the Covid-19 Operations Cabinet sub- committee last week to make jabs compulsory for care home staff, according to the Daily Telegraph. If the measures are voted through then England’s 1.5 million workers in social care could become legally required to get a coronavirus jab. 

It presents a major departure from the government’s previous insistence the jab would not be made mandatory. It is also expected to raise anger among staff, with the paper itself warning that the policy could trigger an exodus of staff and even a string of human rights lawsuits. 

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