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Visitors to California Theme Parks told by the Brain Dead to Remain Silent on Roller Coasters to Stop ‘Covid-19’

Theme parks in California are set to re-open next month but visitors are being warned that they’re not allowed to sing, shout, scream or engage in heavy breathing while on rides.

Yes, really.

“The California Attractions and Parks Association (CAPA) advises in the new guidelines for its “Responsible Reopening Plan,” that theme park visitors should avoid activities that increase the spread of COVID-19, such as singing, shouting, heavy breathing and raising one’s voice,” reports People.

Visitors will also be mandated to wear masks on rides in order to “mitigate the effects of shouting,” according to the guidelines.

The rules appeared to be inspired by Japanese theme parks, which also introduced a ‘no screaming’ rule when they re-opened last summer.

From April 1 onwards, theme parks in California are allowed to re-open at just 15 per cent capacity. When Disneyland opens on April 30, only California residents will be allowed to enter.

As we previously highlighted, the CDC itself published a list of guidelines telling Americans not to sing and to limit alcohol consumption during Thanksgiving gatherings.

They followed that up shortly after by also telling Americans to restrict the spread of coronavirus by not cheering during the Super Bowl.

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