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Toronto lockdown czar’s husband has ‘financial ties’ to Pfizer, AstraZeneca

TORONTO, March 8, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — The woman who has kept a city of nearly three million people in one of the strictest government “lockdowns” of North America — Eileen de Villa — is married to a doctor with financial ties to two of the leading COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers.

The Medical Officer of Health for the City of Toronto where many businesses have been shuttered since Oct. 9, and citizens have been confined by a stay-at-home order since Jan. 13, is married to a Toronto cardiologist who listed COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca among his “financial interests” at an online medical panel discussion on Jun. 12, 2020.

Richard Choi, the husband of de Villa, works at Riverside Clinic in Toronto. A moderator for the panel discussion he participated in described the panelists’ ties to pharmaceutical industries as “conflicts” and “disclosures,” and they were presented as “relationships with financial interests” on a slide presentation.

The government of Canada has agreed to purchase at least 20 million doses of its pharmaceutical giant Pfizer’s experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

Last week, Health Canada agreed to purchase 2 million doses of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, which was granted emergency use authorization by the World Health Organization in mid-February.

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