Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 17 March 2021

Minister urges Irish not to drink to celebrate St Patricks Day. Where are the white coats when you need them?

For the millions around the world who claim Irish heritage, March 17 is a day to celebrate all things green, down some alcohol and say cheers to St. Patrick – but Irish ministers are calling for more sober celebrations this year.

Irish government ministers are warning would-be St Patrick’s Day revelers that they should use water, not booze, as their tipple of choice when celebrating the national holiday. And if they really want to be patriotic in the pandemic, better still to stay home while toasting Ireland’s patron saint.

Speaking on Irish radio on the eve of the holiday, Minister of State Patrick O’Donovan urged people to “drown the shamrock with water” this year. Health officials fear alcohol consumption will lead to a breakdown in social distancing and more people gathering in larger groups, increasing the spread of the virus.

The minister also criticized the fact that sales of alcohol in shops and supermarkets – Ireland’s pubs have been shut for most of the past year due to Covid-19 restrictions – had not been curtailed in the lead-up to the March 17 holiday, or during lockdown periods in general.

“We didn’t deal with it as a country, and I’m very critical of the way in which we didn’t do this,” O’Donovan said. “It was a massive failure because we didn’t deal with it before Christmas and I think we paid a very dear price for it.”

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