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Five popular tourist places in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, one of the largest counties in the Balkans, have a bunch of favourite destinations. It’s a cheaper city compared to other European destinations. You will enjoy the prudish towns, the tempting food, and the warm hospitality of the Bulgarians. If you love the flavour of age-old European countries, then Bulgaria will top your wish list. Although there are a lot of options, some cities still have been streamlined according to the choice of experienced travellers. 

Sofia: The capital city of Bulgaria is Sofia, located at the foothills of Vitosha mountains, midway between the Adriatic and the Black Sea. The city is home to 1.2 million residents.  Sofia is the second old place in Europe where the human habitation dates back to 30,000 years. The early settlers in the city were the Thracians, Celts, followed by the Romans. You will have plenty of history to discover the city. You will love visiting the National archaeological museum, where the collections date back to the middle ages. 

Rila Monastery:  While you stay in Sofia, you can cover Rila Monastery on a day trip.  This is the oldest Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria, situated almost 73 miles from the capital city along the Rilska River. The monastery construction dates back to the 10th century AD and is a UNESCO world heritage site. If you are fond of olden day architecture, never miss the ornate interior and the building’s stunning exterior. Rila Monastery is one of the popularEurope travel destinations

Burgas: Visit Burgas, known as the fourth largest city located along the Black Sea coast. Burgas is a small city that can be explored on foot, creating the right balance of history, beach locations, and shopping. Visit the seaside park, a great place for a picnic, and enjoying the sea breeze, a relief in the hot summer. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Burgas, which reflects the history of the Thracian civilization, Greek and Romans as well.  Enjoy grilled meat, seafood, and semi-sweet wine from the restaurants. 

Pomorie: From Burgas, you can visit Pomorie in a day trip. The city is a part of the Ottoman and Byzantine civilization. You may visit the Beehive tomb, a famous ancient site close to the road from Burgas. The monument is thought to be home of the Anhialo family that dates that to the 2nd or 3rd century AD. This was the site for the pagan rituals, which is restored in the present, but the original murals remain. 

Sozopol:  Plan to visit Sozopol and ancient seaside town situated, which is 21 miles from Burgas. This place is known for the Apollonia art and Film Festival taking positions in September. The town is also known as one of the oldest in Bulgaria, a city along the Black Sea Coast, and bears evidence of the Bronze Age. The Greeks know this city as Anthela and named as Apollonia when the temple of Apollo was constructed. The town became an important trade centre that maintained a robust Greek population. When the city became a part of modern Bulgaria, more Greeks were living here than the Bulgarians. You can see a remnant of the city walls that were excavated near the coast. You will fall in love with this cobbled stone city, and with your partner around, this trip will become a good memory. Plan a trip with your parents or grandparents to Sozopol and it will be a memorable gift for your grandparents

Bulgaria is a beautiful place having cities dating back to the Bronze Age. With olden style houses and streets around, you will fall in love with the sites. If you are traveling with your companion, then you’ll chance upon looking for romantic places in Bulgaria. The more you see, the more you’ll adore the beautiful towns and cherish your experience for years to you will come.

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