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Fair Cop – challenging the fascism

Fair Cop highlights widespread institutional capture by trans lobby groups and calls on forces to adopt “Her Majesty’s Rule” on political affiliation

Police forces in the United Kingdom are routinely flouting their oath “to serve without fear or favour” by openly promoting political causes and misrepresenting the law, a new report reveals.

Policing Through the Looking Glass is the first report by Fair Cop, the watchdog founded to highlight the politicisation of the police and the harassment of people who express gender-critical views.

The product of 18 months’ analysis, the report details the extent of the police’s capture by Stonewall, Gendered Intelligence, Mermaids and other trans lobby groups. This includes:

  • How the police routinely misrepresent the Equality Act 2010, including their substitution of Stonewall’s unlawful definition of “transgender” for the actual protected characteristic of Gender Reassignment.
  • Police forces’ endorsement of political campaigns, including their support for highly-contested “trans rights” demands during the Government’s consultation on proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act.
  • The unquestioning repetition of false statistics, including the claim that “one in 12 trans people have a chance of being murdered”, tweeted by the College of Policing.
  • Forces’ close relationships with lobby groups, including annual subscriptions to Stonewall and their annual spending on rainbow flags, epaulettes and other political symbols.

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