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Peer-reviewed Publication Proves COVID19 Vaccine is CRISPR Gene Editing Technology

Right under our noses, the National Institutes of Health has published the “Double-Barreled CRISPR Technology as a Novel Treatment Strategy For COVID-19”, which articulates how to deal with the heavily propagandized COVID19 pandemic using the CRISPR gene editing technology.

In its Abstract it says:

We highlight the application of CRISPR technology as an emerging pan-antiviral therapy. We also discuss the challenges of in vivo delivery of CRISPR components and propose novel approaches to achieve selective delivery exclusively into SARS-CoV-2-infected cells with high efficiency by hijacking the surface proteins of SARS-CoV-2.

What that means is that we would take the long detour of editing our genes first, that would then trigger the autoimmune system to develop resistance to the modified genes that look like the COVID19 virus via CRISPR, to fight off the invading viruses. 

This very circuitous way of dealing with the problem, hoax or not, is a common feature of a scam, because no individual outside of the medical priesthood can verify how effective would it be, or that its results can only be verified using their own diagnostic infrastructure, which means that they can claim whatever they want, even when contrary to empirical evidence.

In the meantime, directly electrocuting all types of viruses in the bloodstream is already being done by thousands of individuals using the device described at the homepage of this website.

Anyway, to circumvent their post-publication censorship, a snapshot of the NIH article is saved here.

How useful is CRISPR technology?

There are three main applications for CRISPR. One is in manipulating genes to turn them on or off within people. Another is to create medications that can be infused, or in some cases, self-therapy—taking blood and certain cells out of a body, manipulating them with CRISPR, and then putting them back in. 

The third, which sometimes is overlooked, is actually in farming. Both farming with animals as well as farming with crops. And in fact, the application of CRISPR to foods has already been done. There are companies that have already been using CRISPR to create enhanced foods to resist bacteria or viruses. To create even better-tasting foods. And that’s already being done.

Similarly, the application of CRISPR to animals has already been done. They actually call them CRISPR mice, and they are already being used in the research community. The ability to apply it to larger animals such as food animals is in the very near future. 

In terms of human health, we can divide that into two different categories. One is taking cells out of the body, manipulating them in the laboratory—either removing a defective gene or adding and enhancing an ability to do something by turning on a gene or fixing a gene—and then putting those cells back in the body. That’s one category. 

The other category would be actually injecting something into the body which can edit people’s genes so that within their own tissues those genes can either be turned on or off. And all of these have got some pretty profound complications and risks. 

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