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Virtual Healthcare Mini-MBA Programs

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely reshaped the healthcare system. Most medical institutions have taken a business-oriented approach to overcome the stress and challenges of this crisis.

More and more health leaders look to improve their business skills and provide better management for the medical organizations they command. Our Mini-MBA in Healthcare supports their efforts with a comprehensive program designed to improve their leadership traits and performance.

Read on to discover more about the  Mini-MBA Program and the online certificate available through our program page.

What is the Mini-MBA Program?

Our Healthcare Mini-MBA program is one of the country´s first certificates teaching fundamental business skills to leaders in the medical industry. It lasts 12 weeks and comes with affordable tuition costs that allow candidates to make flexible payments.

Health Instituition in collaboration with 12 academic specialists from the University of Arizona´s Eller Executive Education and Eller College of Management has developed this high-quality program for the leaders of tomorrow.

We are also honored to announce the support of three champion athletes, Olympic and Super Bowl winners, who give precious insights into what it means to excel under immense pressure. Their winning mindset will help our candidates develop outstanding leadership skills and improve their strategic focus in crises.

Mini-MBA Series

Why Choose the Mini-MBA Program?

Today´s healthcare leaders must have a strategic mindset to guide them in every area of their administration. They need to rethink the delivery of medical services and the team organization of their staff. Furthermore, they need to have a deep understanding of financial matters so they can budget and manage their institution´s financial prowess.

All of these responsibilities can be overwhelming for the leader of a medical organization with poor business skills.

Fortunately, a Mini-MBA program can help leaders in distress improve their skills and administrate their healthcare facility better.

The world has lived under immense pressure since the COVID-19 crisis started. We have seen plenty of examples of brave and relentless healthcare leaders. Still, the medical field is under immense strain, and the need for better prepared and business-oriented healthcare leaders is more urgent than ever.

Poor Education Predicts Poor Health - A Challenge Unmet by American  Medicine - National Academy of Medicine

The Mini-MBA Program Benefits

The global pandemic has shown us that we cannot expect every medical professional to be a natural-born leader. The medical institutions that have had this kind of remarkable leaders have not suffered considerably in terms of organization and management in the past year. Others have struggled.

It is for this reason and many more that a Mini-MBA Program becomes essential not only in the career of a healthcare professional but also in the positive evolution of the institution she leads.

Through this online certificate on our program page, medical professionals have a good chance of developing a resilient winning mentality. They can draw from their experience and real-world life lessons to combine with the business fundamentals in this program and improve their overall performance.

The Healthcare Mini-MBA Program combines faculty, medical practitioners, and renowned sports champions to solve the complex challenges that healthcare leaders have to face daily.

Throughout the course, students will learn the main requirements for effective workforce development programs: 

  • Affordability
  • Convenience 
  • Relevance

The learning materials contain up-to-date information about the healthcare industry, business challenges, and the problems that affect medical institutions today.

The Healthcare Mini-MBA program also recognizes the efforts made by healthcare leaders during the COVID-19 crisis. It accentuates the importance of resilience and mental health. Here, world-class athletes bring their contribution with stories of overcoming challenges in award-winning careers stretching over several decades.

The Mental Health Crisis in Medical Education: Sharing Stories, Normalizing  Unwellness and Seeking Help | Biomedical Odyssey

The Healthcare Mini-MBA program is available for all kinds of medical professionals, including physicians, nurses, and other clinicians to enhance their leadership and business skills. It is ideal for those healthcare professionals who want to be ready to advance in executive positions when older, more successful personnel reach the retirement age.

This certificate proves that you gained the skills and knowledge to prove a strategic, balanced mindset in a period when well-organized leaders are hard to find.

The high demand for well-prepared leaders with a business mindset creates urgency. Many medical professionals are applying for the Mini-MBA Program. Spaces are limited, so you need to hurry up and sign up on our program page.

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