Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 2 March 2021

Blackshirt face-nappies arrest man standing up for his wife. They went for a walk at the nearest beach after her brother was taken to hospital and in a coma. He asked them to stop harassing her. So cuffs on and off to Wrexham police station where this fascism is coordinated. Aren’t women supposed to be the gentler, caring sex? In many cases yes – but clearly not all

‘Outrage as police handcuff and ARREST man walking with his wife because he refused to give his details when he was stopped 22 miles from home. A man was arrested in front of his wife and teenage son for not giving his personal details after they were stopped by police while on a walk 22 miles from their home.

 The man, named Radek Kotlarek, was on a walk with his wife and son at Talacre Beach in north Wales. They were on the verge of heading home after picking up some ice cream when they were approached by police near their car. The officers asked them what they were doing at the beach and Radek said he explained how his family had decided to take a walk together for their mental wellbeing after the death of family members in Poland they had been unable to visit. 

Police then demanded Radek’s name and personal details, which he refused to give, before handcuffing him for breaching coronavirus regulations. Radek claims he was then taken to the station, interrogated, bullied and forced to undergo a strip search after officers threatened to cut his clothes with scissors.  Reacting to the claims, North Wales police [automaton] Chief Superintendent Nigel Harrison said his officers behaved ‘calmly’ and said Radek breached Covid regulations. However, Radek said he wasn’t charged or fined despite spending three hours in police custody.’


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