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War Criminal Blair’s ‘Institute for Global Change’ (see World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates) promotes the Cult agenda for global dictatorship (of course it does – global tyranny is the ‘New Necessary’)

In little over a year, the most lethal pandemic of the 21st century has spread to every quarter of the globe, claimed 2.5 million lives, caused terrible suffering, and wrecked families and economies. And it is not over yet.

We know the Covid-19 pandemic will be followed by another, and yet another. It is a question of when, not if. Indeed, the seeds of the next pandemic may already have been sown in the shape of a mutant strain of the existing SARS-CoV-2 virus – more deadly, more transmissible, more resistant.

Time is not on our side. We must prepare now. We have learned many lessons over the last year, from things we have got right and things we have got wrong. We must put plans for the future in place without delay.

We know that with the right measures, deaths can be avoided, illness and disability can be prevented and economies protected. But we must act now to be ready for the next pandemic.

Better surveillance to catch new viral strains, a maximum 100-day target for the preparation of new vaccines, faster production of therapeutic drugs, better testing, stockpiles of the right PPE and a gold standard data strategy are among the essential ingredients of a future pandemic plan.

We cannot wait for these developments. The need is urgent. It amounts to nothing less than a revolution in global public health and it will require global cooperation. The stakes could not be higher. With its presidency of the G7 group of nations in 2021, the UK has an unprecedented opportunity to take the lead. We must rise to the challenge.

Read more: War Criminal Blair’s ‘Institute for Global Change’ (see World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates) promotes the Cult agenda for global dictatorship (of course it does – global tyranny is the ‘New Necessary’)

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