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Instagram Reels – Creative Ideas to Gain Followers

One of the latest trends on Instagram is the new Reels feature. Every creator that wants to become famous on the platform needs to explore this new feature and start creating original reels. Therefore, the best thing you can do in 2021 to grow your Instagram community is to start creating Reels and getting Instagram autolikes to enhance them.

Instagram Reels is a new feature that the platform introduced during the summer. With this feature, you can create short videos that resemble the ones from Tik Tok. Namely, you can shoot short videos, combine them, add the music you like, and various effects. Of course, for these videos to succeed, you will need to have a great number of followers that will like and comment on them. This way, your Reels will reach the explore section of Instagram and you will get the attention you need. The easiest way to do that is to buy Instagram followers instant delivery to get immediate results.

In this article, we are giving you creative Instagram Reels ideas that will bring you many new followers. 

#1 Follow the Trends 

At any given time, you will find that there are certain trends on every social media platform. When a trend is at its heights, many users are looking for all the relevant content they can find. Therefore, if you want to create Reels that get discovered, you need to find the latest trends and create content according to them. Of course, no matter the trend, you will still need to maintain an excellent video quality and get Instagram autolikes for its promotion. 

#2 Do a Dance Challenge


Since Instagram Reels are the platform’s answer to Tik Tok’s popularity, this feature is ideal to create videos similar to those of the other social media platforms. This means that you can easily pick a song and create a dance cover for it. Another great idea is to spot the dance challenges that are currently on the trending list and do your own version of them. This Reel idea requires that you have dancing skills. Nevertheless, it will bring you impressive results, especially if you buy Instagram followers instant delivery

#3 Shoot a Prank

There is no denying that prank videos are some of the most popular types of content on every social media platform. This is even more prominent on the social media that focus on video content, like YouTube, Tik Tok, and Instagram. For this reason, if you create Reels while pranking your friends and family, you are going to get a lot of views. Don’t hesitate to be creative on your pranks as your originality will make your content stand out from the rest. When you have published your video, you can also boost it through Instagram autolikes from 

#4 Do a Q&A

Another great idea for an Instagram Reel is to answer your followers’ questions. Instead of doing an Instagram Live, you can collect questions and then answer them in short videos. This is also an excellent idea as you will ask your followers to submit the questions in the comments, thus further boosting the engagement of your posts. Moreover, you can use the question sticker on the Stories feature so that they can directly submit their question to you. 

#5 Share Tips


Another great use for an Instagram Reel is to use to share tips with your followers. This specific type of content will depend on your niche and your expertise. However, by offering these videos you will give something of value to the users that follow your account. Content like this normally motivates more users to follow you. For this reason, make sure to create awesome videos and to buy Instagram followers instant delivery to boost your account. 

#6 Create a How-to Video

Instagram Reels is also an excellent feature to create how-to videos. If you search the existing Reels and Tik Toks, you will find that many creators have explored this content type. By the existing content, you will find ideas that suit your account. For example, you can shoot your beauty routine or various recipes. No matter what type of how-to video you choose to do though, make sure that you get Instagram autolikes to boost it and bring it to a wide audience. 

#7 Talk about your Common Problems

An Instagram Reel can become a type of vlog. During these short videos, you can talk about your everyday life and the problems that you encounter. When you talk about that, don’t forget to add some fun touches so that the video continues to be entertaining. The more genuine you are, the more users you are going to attract. Of course, if you buy Instagram followers instant delivery, you will reach more of them in a short amount of time. 

#8 Show your Pet


Users on the Internet love to watch content with animals. Therefore, if you own a pet, you can make it the star of your Instagram Reels. The good thing about pets is that you don’t have to do anything, apart from filming. Dogs and cats are already adorable in anything that they do. Therefore, capture all the cute and funny moments with your pets and add the appropriate song for maximum results. In addition to this, remember to get Instagram autolikes that will promote your posts. 

#9 Create a Slow-Motion Video

On Instagram Reels, you can add edit your videos and add various effects. For example, you can lower the speed of the video to create an awesome slow-motion effect. This particular technique will create eye-catching moments within your Reels that viewers are going to love. The only thing you need to do is find a slow-motion worthy moment and then apply the x0.3 or x0.5 speed.  

Instagram Reels is the new feature that will continue to rise in popularity in 2021. Try these video ideas to become one of the leading accounts this year. However, before you do that, buy Instagram followers instant delivery from to start building a community.

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