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Best Animated Stories Channels to Keep you Entertained

On YouTube, you can find any type of channel that you can imagine, no matter how strange your idea is. The best thing about this platform is that all of these channels manage to get enough audience to guarantee them a living. In recent years, a new type of animated channel has emerged. For this new niche, the channels’ creators collect real stories from their subscribers and then they animate them. The result is short videos that are entertaining, shocking, and even weird. 

However, if you research these channels, you will find that they have managed to gather a huge number of subscribers. Some channels have even surpassed the milestone of 1 million followers. Therefore, this might be a great niche for you. Remember that the only way to stand out from your competition is to buy YouTube likes from Stormviews to increase engagement and let more users discover your content. 

#1 My Story Animated

My Story Animated is the most well-known channel in this niche and it is probably the one that kickstarted the trend. This channel has 4.86 million subscribers and its videos have gathered 1.3 billion views in total. The stories that it features often come from teenagers and young adults and they mostly aim to teach a lesson to the viewers. 

#2 Share My Story

Share My Story is another channel that you need to follow to fully understand the niche. At the moment, this channel has 2.2 million subscribers, while its videos have earned 467 million views. The animated stories all come from teenagers and young adults that follow the channel. However, the stories on Share My Story are all shocking. If you create content likes this and you buy 50 YouTube likes from Stormviews, then you will definitely gather a large audience.

#3 Story Time Animated

Story Time Animated follows the same pattern as the previous channels on the list. The main difference is that the channel’s creator uses stories from people of all ages. Through the animated stories, the viewers are able to share their unusual stories, weird experiences, successes, and failures. Right now, this channel has earned 1.22 million subscribers and 188 million video views. 

#4 Dear Diary

One more channel on this niche that you need to subscribe to is Dear Diary. This channel stands out because it focuses more on stories related to the love life of its viewers. Through this channel, the young viewers have the chance to share their weird stories, their heartbreaks, and the lessons they have learned through them. Right now, the channel has 536 thousand subscribers.

#5 Short Stories

Short Stories is a channel that features stories from people of all ages and genders. This channel wants to showcase both happy and sad moments from the lives of various with various experiences. In addition to this, you can also find some entertaining animated stories with pranks. Short Stories now has 448 thousand subscribers and 58 million video views.

#6 Meet My Story

Another great channel on this list is none other than Meet My Story. This channel focuses more on the real-life stories of teenagers and young adults. Some of the stories are weird, some are shocking, and some want to teach something to the viewers. Content likes this can truly shine if you buy YouTube likes from Stormviews to boost its engagement and let it reach a wide audience.

#7 My Life – My Story

My Life – My Story is another channel on this niche with exceptional content. At the moment, this channel has 348 thousand subscribers and 67 million video views in total. The animated stories here are all shocking and share some of the most extraordinary real-life experiences that you will ever hear. If you create similar content to My Life – My Story, then you need to buy YouTube likes from Stormviews to boost it. 

#8 That’s My Story

That’s My Story is an interesting channel on this niche. The animated stories on this channel focus on family and relationship matters, while there are some that attempt to analyze human psychology and behavior. Through their videos, you are going to discover interesting stories that will broaden your horizon. Moreover, you will learn new things by discovering the experiences of other teenagers and young adults. 

#9 My Story

Another channel that you can check out in this niche is called My Story. This channel stands out from the rest as it features provocative stories by people of all ages. No matter the story though, the main focus of the channel is to inspire its viewers and let them get through their own difficulties. If you create content like this, you need to bring it to more users by visiting Stormviews to buy YouTube likes. 

#10 Animated Story

One more channel that has managed to get the users’ interest is Animated Story. This is a very new channel, having been established in March 2020, but it already has more than 5 million video views. The content on this channel is all about teenagers, school life, friendship, and relationships. Some of the real stories are shocking, while other ones are very entertaining. No matter your mood, you will find one to watch.

#11 1001 Stories

1001 Stories is a promising YouTube channel in this niche. The stories on this channel are all intriguing and rather shocking. They feature heartbreaks, horror stories, and weird experiences. The viewers of this channel get to discover lessons that other teenagers have learned the hard way. Stories like this need to be boosted by visiting Stormviews to buy YouTube likes.

#12 Life Diary

Lastly, Life Diary is another animated stories YouTube channel that you need to subscribe to. Just like the other channels on this list, the stories showcase happy, sad, entertaining, shocking, and heart-breaking moments submitted by real people. Viewers can watch them to be comforted and feel inspired.

The animated stories niche is a new trend that many users seem to enjoy. If you wish to establish a channel on this niche, you need to buy YouTube likes from Stormviews to let more users discover your content. 

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