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Modern Medicine is Currently in Dire Straights

“It is easier to ride on the back of a tiger than to climb off it.”

This Russian proverb, which appears at the beginning of Dr. Harold Hillman’s last ever book, sums up the current state of our scientific establishment. Whether medicine, physics, or archaeology, all facets of scientific research rest on certain dogmas.

In essence, what this proverb is saying, is that it’s easier to carry on perpetuating falsities than it is to admit you were wrong, drop everything and start again from scratch.

This is exactly what has happened with modern medicine. They can’t climb off the tiger because there is too much at stake. Too much money and too many reputations.

Billions of dollars, millions of jobs, and hundreds of thousands of research hours, rest on erroneous theories such as ‘germs cause disease’.

Imagine if we had to admit that hundreds of years of research and countless academic careers were wasted pursuing ideas that have no basis in reality?

During the COVID-19 debacle, the corrupted state of the medical establishment has never been more evident. Just recently there was an article published in JAMA that labeled anyone who questioned masks and lockdowns as ‘science deniers’ and alluded to all COVID ‘conspiracy theorists’ as suffering from a neurological disorder.[1]

Dr. Denis Rancourt said of the article, “This is the most unethical publication I have seen in a scientific journal in my life time”. He described it as “psychosis advanced to explain mask and covid skeptics”.[2]

But to believe that the house of medicine is built on foundations of sand may be a stretch for some. To convince the skeptics we can look at the work of Stanford scientist John P. A. Ioannidis who published a study in 2005 proving that most published research findings are false[3]

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