Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 24 February 2021

‘Horrified’ Yellowshirt face-nappies break up kids football match thus confirming their complete insanity and inability to summon a single thought that hasn’t been downloaded from government – young people playing football to ease the psychological onslaught systematically imposed upon them are not the enemy you bloody IDIOTS!

Police officers found an “irresponsible” football match being played at a closed leisure centre in breach of coronavirus restrictions.

The Derbyshire force was called to Etwall Leisure Centre on Sunday afternoon. It said officers discovered 15 to 20 young people who had forced their way on to the locked outdoor pitch.

The group “made a hasty getaway” when police arrived, leaving an “onslaught of rubbish” and personal belongings. Parents are being warned they could be fined if their child breaks coronavirus regulations.

Officers from the local safer neighbourhood team arrived at the scene at 13:05 GMT on Sunday.

In a Facebook post, they said: “Officers were horrified to find a group of around 15-20 young people playing football after forcibly making their way on to the locked football pitches. “After being alerted to police presence, the gathering soon split up and made a hasty getaway.

“This may seem harsh but we need to ensure these rules are being followed.

“A gathering of 20 is simply not acceptable and quite frankly irresponsible in the times we are all living through.” Police said they knew the identities of some of those involved, but have released a photo of personal items left behind in an effort to identify others.

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