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Global ‘Covid-19’ cases plummet by 50% since January peak ‘despite colder temperatures boosting transmission rates’ as PCR amplification is reduced on WHO orders to make it seem like the fake ‘vaccine’ is working

According to a new tally, there has been a steep decline in new Covid-19 cases worldwide – a somewhat precipitous drop of 50 percent from the January peak, despite research indicating cooler temperatures improve transmissibility.

New global case numbers have reached their lowest levels in four months, dropping below 400,000 to roughly 362,000 new cases, according to the latest AFP tally, which noted that new infections worldwide are down 12 percent over the past week, from a high of 743,000 in January.

This constitutes the sharpest and most prolonged drop in new infections since the start of the pandemic.

Lest anyone get too carried away, this drop in confirmed cases doesn’t tell the whole story, as not only do authorities around the globe not know the true number of infected (accounting for untested, asymptomatic and so on) but countries also have different counting and testing practices which make determining the true global figure nigh on impossible.

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