Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 19 February 2021

The nightmare of being a truck driver bringing goods to Britain in the ‘Covid’ era and why their sandwiches are so ‘dangerous’

Hi, I am an Italian woman who lived in the UK for 25 years and now am back in Italy since 2011 (unfortunately).
I am also subscribed to Ickonic. Just presenting briefly myself before getting to the point of my email:
I have seen David many years ago at an event staged in the Rudolf Steiner House theatre a long time ago – I used to work there – and I have followed on and off David’s outputs in those years – as one of the many facets of what I see as the diamond call truth. So since March 2020 when the big hoax came out I have been following you guys, and everything David says resonates to me, not because I am a blind follower but because it is exactly what is in my consciousness already.
I am writing today to just point out one of the things that are happening in the material field right now as part of the planned demise of business, in this case the import/export of goods of primary relevance, food.I have a long term friend who is a lorry driver, he used to bring goods from Italy to England when I was living in London and in those times – although the ‘clandestine immigrants’ nightmare had already started, with consequent harassment of lorry drivers by the border police- it was anyway a viable job.
Nowadays, it has become a total nightmare. You probably heard of the chaos that happened over Christmas and the New Year, my friend was one of the unfortunate lorry drivers involved. By the way, it was absolutely ridiculous, the drivers could leave England only after doing a “covid test” which was a kit distributed to all drivers and which they had to do all by themselves, a total farce.
I cannot recount all the times he has been fined in these past months for this or that, new regulations, parking permits, and so on…. sometimes the headings of the addresses of the fines lead to private companies not even in the UK – I recall one time when they cracked open all containers, allegedly looking for drugs, walk all over it, it was vegetables merchandise, all salads and veg squashed, and then he had to put everything back in order himself – anyway, he has just messaged to me that he has AGAIN been stopped by the police because according to new regulations he can’t drive on the M20 so he’s been fined 300 pounds, sent a map by his firm of how to travel to Dover which he has sent to me to see if I can understand it (of course he doesn’t know English very well) but in the meantime they’ve stopped him again looking at the lorry and found a cracked rim on the steering wheel – 100 pounds fine – and now they have found a loose bolt under the damper and he is waiting for them to come back to him … Ah, and I forgot to tell you that now lorry drivers are FORBIDDEN to carry their own food in the lorry cabin, you know, there could be the virus hidden inside their sandwiches!!!
I can only imagine that these sort of things are happening to many other lorry drivers who bring goods to Britain from abroad. Apart from making this kind of job more and more stressful by the day for the workers, it is making it almost impossible on the long run to continue for the firms involved, which means in my view that the goal here is to stop the importation of primary goods to Britain on the one hand, and to stop the still alive and struggling businesses in Italy (Europe) involved in export. This is just a superficial analysis I am writing on the spot as a gut feeling.
Since I decided to contact you today, I might as well give you my take on the situation in Italy from Italy.
Yes, as already planned in advance there has been the circus of the fall of the government and the false bickering among the clowns politicians, which has led of course to the already planned nomination of the dragon, among exalted servile adulation from all major media, he is presented as the saviour of Italy – you can imagine my feelings of throwing up – and I am sorry to say, the majority of stupid population not having a clue of what is really going on.
Meantime, the 2nd jabs are being done all around and the nursing homes care workers are saying ‘I didn’t want to, but…’ 

There are various groups in Italy who are aware and making contacts, there are lawyers, doctors, journalists, still in minority, but I feel, no actually I hope, it’s growing. If you would like to have a ‘correspondent’ from Italy now and then, let me know.

Best wishes to both of you, big thanks for being there,


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