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Check out Instagram’s New “Professional Dashboard” Platform which Provides Quick Guidance for Creators

Instagram has become more than a fun social media platform where you share images and videos with other people. It is now a business marketing tool for thousands of entrepreneurs, influencers, and companies worldwide. Their demand for better business-related tools has encouraged Instagram programmers to upgrade their platform with a new professional dashboard. The introduction of this feature is further proof that technology is changing social media, just as social media is changing technology, too.

The professional dashboard makes it easier for users to manage their Instagram posts and to receive tracking data on their performances. You’ll receive everything from performance insight data to helpful tools for increasing your presence and monetary gains on Instagram. 

According to Instagram, they launched the professional dashboard to provide valuable tools to businesses and creators that use their platform regularly. It is a central hub that lets you track your Instagram posts’ performance and receive educational information on how to improve the performance. 

Over the past five years, Instagram has tried to cater more to businesses. The marketing power of the platform has been fantastic for businesses. That is why better account management tools were designed for it. The newest and most popular business-friendly features on Instagram are the Instagram Shop, Branded Content and Checkout. You’ll find out why as you continue reading this article. 

Before the professional dashboard came long, Instagram users had to spend more time finding these tools in their account settings. Now Instagram has incorporated all these features into one centralized hub. Since November 2020, more than 82 million Instagram users have accessed the professional dashboard. Around 37 million users have actually tapped on one or more of its features to use them.

Below are the three main elements of the Instagram Professional Dashboard. 

1) Track the Performance

Most users will want to look at the “Track the Performance” feature on the professional dashboard. Track the Performance will show you how many followers you’ve accumulated within the last 30 days. You can change the date range to track farther back than 30 days. It’ll even include a handy bar graph to give you a visual representation of your performance. 

The important thing here is to look for trends. If you notice your account trending with more followers and views, then you’re obviously posting the right content to your Instagram channel. It could be that your marketing attempts are paying off too. Use the Track the Performance feature to learn which marketing and content creation strategies are benefiting your channel the most. 

If you have a new Instagram channel, you’re not going to see a lot of activity upfront. We recommend you buy likes Instagram and see how much that affects your channel activity. When you’re shopping to buy, ensure you never buy fake Instagram likes as that might have a negative impact on your account.

If you start to see continuous growth in your channel after purchasing a series of likes, you can upgrade your marketing strategy to keep the trend going strong. 

2) Grow Your Business

The “Grow Your Business” feature gives you fast access to several useful tools. It is where you will find helpful products like badges, IGTV promotions, and Branded Content. IGTV is a separate Instagram application where you can upload longer videos and distribute them to other Instagram users who have the same app. 

IGTV is like Instagram’s version of YouTube. Users can search for videos and shows on virtually any topic. If you already have a YouTube channel for your business and want to integrate its videos into Instagram, then IGTV is the perfect way to do it. You’re allowed to upload videos that are no longer than 60 minutes. 

Grow Your Business will tell you whether your Instagram account is eligible for monetization. There are several ways to monetize your Instagram channel with the tools available here. If you have physical products to sell, you can use the Instagram Shopping feature to promote and tag your products on the Instagram platform. 

Instagram Checkout lets users pay for your products through the Instagram system. You won’t have to redirect anyone to a third-party payment processor. All the transactions will take place exclusively on Instagram. It is the best way to sell on Instagram because people will trust the transaction if they’re not redirected to another platform. 

Instagram Badges allow the audience to donate money and tips to content creators. When you use Instagram Live to stream a live video of yourself doing something, the viewers have the option to purchase a badge and tip your account. Users will have a heart icon next to their username after they buy a badge. Everyone else in the live chat will get to see their heart icon. That is how they’ll know the user is a dedicated fan of the content creator. 

You can monetize IGTV as well. The concept is similar to YouTube, where you have ads play before your videos. Each time someone taps on an ad, you get paid a certain amount of time. If you have thousands of views, you will make a lot more money from the ads. Your chances of getting more views are greatly improved if you have lots of followers, which is why we recommend finding out how to get more followers on Instagram.

3) Stay Informed

The “Stay Informed” feature offers links to different educational resources regarding the Instagram platform. They’ll teach you the latest tips and tricks on how to improve your account and enhance your user experience. Since Instagram undergoes upgrades and enhancements regularly, you must stay informed of these updates. That way, none of the latest features will catch you by surprise. 

Final Thoughts

We discussed a lot of different Instagram features linked to its new professional dashboard. Please remember the features themselves are not new. They have been around for a long time on the platform. The only difference now is the professional dashboard makes it easier for you to access them because the features are compiled into an organized list. 

The professional dashboard might not seem like that big a deal, but it is to anyone who uses Instagram for commercial and business purposes. You’ll find all the main Instagram elements for running your business compiled in one place on the platform. It will save you so much time and energy from having to access different features independently. 

Many Instagram users don’t even realize how many monetization opportunities exist on the platform. The professional dashboard gives you the latest updates on these opportunities so that you can take advantage of them right away. Meanwhile, you can track the performance of your channel and posts. Then you can find out where your marketing strategies are succeeding and failing. 

You must have a creator account or business account to access the professional dashboard on Instagram. 

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