Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 18 February 2021

Stanford Medical Prof: Scientists Are Being Censored For Sharing “Alternative” Info About COVID

  • The Facts: Scientists and science are being suppressed, according to many, regarding COVID if it contradicts the science that’s being used to set political policy around the pandemic.
  • Reflect On: Has COVID been a catalyst for more people to question our world and the way we operate? Has it opened people up to the idea that governments and big politics as a system, the way it is now, is not able to put our best interests first?

Over the last few months, I have seen academic articles and op-eds by professors retracted or labeled “fake news” by social media platforms. Often, no explanation is provided.  I am concerned about this heavy handedness and, at times, outright censorship – Vinay Prasad, MD, MPH

One common theme throughout this pandemic that many “T.V.” and mainstream media watchers may be completely unaware of is the fact that a large number of scientists, doctors and journalists have been censored in numerous ways for sharing information, science, data, and opinions about COVID that calls into question, or in some cases completely contradicts the information we are receiving from government health agencies, and ‘political scientists’ like Dr. Anthony Fauci, for example. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s odd that political scientists like Fauci are able to appear on media networks and receive instant virality/credibility yet so many other renowned scientists and infectious disease experts never see the light of day.

To be honest, it’s great to see scientists and many others experience this type of censorship and muzzling, so to speak, because it’s waking people up and making them curious as to what and why information is being censored. It’s something that we here at Collective Evolution have been experiencing for a number of years. This is primarily why we created a Telegram account. You should join us there if you haven’t already as we have no idea how much longer we’ll be on Facebook. This type of censorship that more of the “mainstream” crowd has been experiencing is an excellent catalyst for them to really start questioning the world we live in and just how much, sometimes, our consciousness and perception of major events is and can be manipulated . COVID is not the only example, it seems to be a common theme throughout modern history.

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