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Has Coronavirus Killed US Car Sales Entirely?

The impact of the global pandemic we are facing is far-reaching, with many jobs lost, businesses closed, and lives uprooted; still, for some, life had to carry on as close to normal as possible, meaning buying houses, buying cars, and commuting to the office every day did not come to a standstill. And, with the new car market filled with exciting products like the Buick Encore GX, the Kia Seltos, and Volvo’s electric XC40, there is something for everyone.

For many, it has been a difficult time fraught with financial challenges, and every little opportunity for assistance in alleviating strain has been snatched up. While many automakers were forced to shut down, many chose to rise up against the challenge and offer financial assistance programs and payment reductions. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, the makers of the Buick Envision, General Motors, decided to offer lower interest rates to lure consumers into buying.

Still, at the end of 2020, the US recorded the worst annual decline in sales of new vehicles, but given the circumstances, the industry retained a generally optimistic outlook – such sales figures would generally translate to a serious crisis, but in this scenario, there was overwhelming relief that things didn’t turn out worse. Despite all of this, the following vehicles still made the top-five sellers list in the USA for 2020:

5. Honda CR-V – 333,502 units sold

As the crossover trend continues to grow, the CR-V with its turbo engine, nimble handling, and excellent fuel economy is in fifth place for most units sold. Not only is this a versatile family runabout, but it comes with a spacious cabin, good cargo space, and an impressive interior, too. It may not boast the best towing capacity, and the infotainment isn’t the sharpest, but it also comes with a long list of standard safety features. 

4. Toyota RAV4 – 430, 387 units sold

One of Toyota’s key selling points has always been affordability in comparison to just how much you get, and the RAV4 is the perfect example of this. Available with a standard gas engine, as a hybrid, or with plug-in hybrid tech, the RAV4’s hybridized variants offer brilliant mpg figures, a capacious interior with seats for five occupants, and a comprehensive safety consignment. Although the base model gasoline-powered iteration is a little sparsely equipped, you get LED headlights, the Toyota Safety Sense and Star Safety systems, keyless entry, air-con, and a rearview camera for an MSRP of around $26k. 

3. Ram Pickup – 563,676 units sold

There’s a reason why the top three spots all belong to trucks – America simply loves the classic pickup. And, with over half a million units sold, the RAM range offers a class-leading diesel powertrain with impressive towing capabilities, a supple ride, brilliant infotainment systems, and a really plush interior. You may need to opt for one of the upper-tier trims to get the best features, but you can’t go wrong with even a mid-level unit if you’re looking for something that merges workhorse and family living quite this well. 

2. Chevrolet Silverado – 586,675 units sold

The second member of the Pickup Trinity, Chev offers the Silverado in 1500, 2500, and 3500 configurations, each offering progressively more muscle. The brand is characterized by bold, assertive styling, an array of strong engines, and a long list of available trims. It can haul substantial amounts and offers good cabin space, but it doesn’t feel quite as posh as some of its rivals. It also doesn’t ride quite as comfortably as the Ram or its Ford counterpart, but still remains hugely popular.

1. Ford F-Series – 787,422 units sold

Topping the list, the Ford F-150 is the US’s most beloved truck. And it has now been offered to consumers as a hybrid option, too, for the first time. So what makes it so popular? Other than its handsome modernized aesthetic, it also has an upscale cabin loaded with tech and a long list of new features. It is also at the forefront of the segment in terms of towing and payload figures. And, of course, it’s from a home-grown brand, and who does ‘America’ better than Ford? 

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