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6 Travellers Who Always Take Their Pets with Them

If you cannot find a decent travel buddy, maybe you are searching in the wrong place. Who said that only humans could become your companions on a trip? The trend of recent years shows that one shouldn’t necessarily leave their pets at home when going to travel. If you open social networks, you will come across many different profiles that show the lives of travel bloggers and their cute four-legged friends. Of course, not everyone can decide on such a step, but many people gladly scroll down travel profiles and marvel at their courage and incredible experience. And while most pets spend their lives within four walls or run around lawns and parks at best, some others join their owners in all possible adventures.

Igor Cibulsky and Yeti

You should better stay away from this Russian photographer’s profile on Instagram since the chances are high that you will have a strong desire to go on a trip. He takes pictures of fascinating landscapes of his motherland, dogs, bonfires, tents, and all this hiking romance, so it can be hard to resist the temptation to take a backpack and go camping. He is traveling with his partner Julia and a charming husky named Yeti. However, sometimes their company expands since his friend joins them with his four dogs. His followers know that all dogs have a different character and many peculiarities. For example, Yumi is a born leader, and it is always the first in the sled. Maya seems to be a cat deep down, and its favorite pastime is to stay at home and enjoy the best food for senior dog. Tangai is a kind-hearted buddy, and Eskimo the most modest and obedient dog. And talking about Yeti, one can say that this dog is a real hurricane.

Andrew Knapp and Momo

Their Instagram account can boast of a pretty big audience, and if you haven’t visited it yet, it is time to fix it and maybe even join the ranks of followers. The main hero and model is a beautiful and good-natured border collie. His owner is a photographer and visual storyteller who really loves what he does. The guys travel mainly in North America, changing the scenery all the time. Several years ago, Andrew came up with a cool game, #find momo. Thus, Andrew posts a photo of a place, and you should find Momo in it. Well, even though sometimes it can be hard to notice Momo there, it is always there. The cool thing is that this simple but interesting game has become the foundation for a colorful book with pictures of the dog.

Kelly Lund and Loki

Loki is an unusual dog since it is a cross between a malamute and a real arctic wolf. So, it is not surprising that this dog loves to explore the mountains with his owner more than anything else. It seems to be a perfect partner in crime for getting such an experience. Indeed, a dog whose parent is a wolf is special, and it may feel uncomfortable in an ordinary house. It is one of the main reasons why such animals often end up in animal shelters. Thus, this cute buddy is not afraid to sleep in tents and raft down the rivers. The traveler regularly adds stories on his Instagram page against the backdrop of wildlife. 

Theron Humphrey and Maddie

The commercial photographer Theron Humphrey’s life was completely ordinary until he met Maddie at the dog shelter. This Coonhound dog became not only Theron’s best friend but also inspired him to go on a big trip across America. Theron came up with the project “This Wild Idea,” the essence of which was to visit a new place with Maddie every day during a year and meet one unique person. National Geographic has provided Theron with the Traveler of the Year Award for this project. The four-legged beauty Maddie is very fond of being photographed, and it has become famous all over the world thanks to interesting pictures from their trips. In the future, the pet owner plans to travel around the world and visit the most interesting and abandoned corners of the globe.

Stephen Simmons and Burma

If you believe that only dogs can become travel buddies, it is far from the case. Stephen Simmons has taken the kitten off the street and now travels with it around the United States. According to Stephen, Burma feels great even at an altitude of 4,200 meters. The owner and the cat have explored a great variety of places throughout the USA. So, if you have a cat, but you are unsure whether it is possible to travel with it, these guys can become a great role model. However, don’t forget to examine the honest kitchen cat food reviews to provide your pet with the required diet, so it will have enough energy to explore mountain valleys, national parks, prairies, and forests.

Hunter Lawrence and Aspen

Aspen is a famous ski resort in Colorado. But Aspen, the Golden Retriever, has five times more followers than the city’s population. Photographer Hunter Lawrence claimed that he would never create an Instagram account for the dog, but it seems something went wrong. Even though he believed earlier that dressing a dog, photographing it, and sharing pictures with strangers is strange, everything has changed over time. Besides, it seems his dog doesn’t mind trying different hats and posing for pictures.

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