Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 11 February 2021

Petition supporting Open Forest Row venue kitchen and serving hatch to offer free soup and cake to all that the Jackboot Johnson Yellowshirt face-nappies are trying to close

Love Soupreme is an essential non-profit making local service set up in times of need. Friendly volunteers reach out to residents who need a free warm soup with health benefits, also providing cake. All ingredients are donated by the community and made by volunteers. It is run by individuals from the community who want to make a difference in these critical times. Anyone can volunteer and help.

The initiative started at the skatepark 4 months ago and has been serving residents open-air every monday lunchtime. It is essential it continues as there are many residents who are economically struggling, who are in need. We also provide a friendly face and a listening ear to residents who are emotionally and psychologically being affected. 

We have been asked to move on by the local police and need a central location to continue. We are appealing to you the community to sign our petition for Forest Row Parish Council to open its kitchen facilities and hatch free of charge during this exceptional time so it can be used for the benefit of all. We need 1000’s of your signatures to show that our local community really support this intitiative. Please sign and share. Thankyou it means so much to many people.

Sign here.


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