Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 11 February 2021

Message from Israel which as I have said for decades is controlled by a Sabbatian Death Cult that hates Jewish people while claiming to be their ‘protectors’. Here a Jewish friend describes what is happening there and likens it to Nazi Germany which the Sabbatian Cult also controlled

Hello David…
Wanted to let you know what is going on here …
The whole ‘vaccine’ issue is getting more and more fascistic by the minute.

The authorities and government are using  terror (fascist tactics) by restricting those who are not vaccinated for not using public transportation, shopping or any type of gathering activities, also the people who are vaccinated feel so good about doing the right thing, and truly believe that by vaccinating everyone, only then the pandemic will pass,that now they use terror and hate and discrimination towards those who choose and refuse to vaccinate. They even got a name for this group: the ‘anti-vax cult’.
It’s exactly like in Nazi Germany where the Jews = unvaccinated people. They use the same tactics with a different narrative. 
There are sanctions (even talks about imprisonment) and only people with the ‘Green passport’ will have access to different places, and those with no passport are threatened to not be able to work at their workplace again, same what they did in Germany. The German Jews were not allowed to work in German positions.. 

The real information is coming out, and they are terrified of it, so much so they blame the ‘fake news’ out there for spreading misinformation that affects people not to get vaccinated and call them criminals, as well as the unvaccinated people, they are also called criminals, by both people and the government..
At first they said, women who are pregnant, or want to get pregnant, should not be vaccinated, including children. After just a few days, they completely changed that and said the opposite. Not not only that they are using terror and fear by showing and telling horrific stories about pregnant women who got the ‘virus’, and were almost dead or dead during giving birth..
i know someone who went ahead and got the vaccine and got into a fight with her mother who was having friends over, and by meeting with other people she is risking her and the baby’s life. Needless to say these actions are induced by confusion, anxiety and fear, exactly what they want to achieve.

Now, the even more sad part, relatives visit us every week, and they absolutely love it … and they are not allowed to do so until their mother gets the second dose. Also they are prohibited from hugging and kissing us!, because she is afraid it might get to her through them and us!
I saw pregnant women wearing a mask and hurry to get vaccinated because these poor souls are frightened and terrorised and lead to believe the ‘virus’ is dangerous to them and their unborn child which in reality it’s quite the opposite…so sad.
There is clearly a very distinct division being played here, the unvaccinated are the new version of the Jews in Nazi Germany.
I just hope the majority of this country (which seems to be as for now) will be the people who don’t fall for the lies and the human experiment.

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