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MUST-READ – Dr Tom Cowan, co-author of The Contagion Myth: What ‘virus’? Where is it? What viruses? Where are they?

I am doing this to be as precise with my words as possible.

I believe in the recent days I have made a tremendous discovery that may revolutionize science.  That is, I discovered that small bits of paper are alive, well alive-ish, can “infect” houses, and then reproduce themselves inside the house.  The result is that this explosion of growth of the paper inside the house causes the house to explode, blowing it to smithereens.  My evidence for this new theory is that in the past months I have carefully examined many of the houses in my neighborhood and found almost no scraps of paper in the lawns and surrounds of the house.  An occasional stray label, but nothing more.  Then I would return to these same houses a week or so later and with a few, not all of them, particularly the old and decrepit ones, I, to my shock and surprise found them littered with stray bits of paper.  I knew then that the paper had infected these houses, made copies of itself, and blew up the house.  

At one such site a young boy on a bicycle rode by and told me he had seen a demolition crew using dynamite to explode the house during the previous week, but I dismissed this as the idle thoughts of silly boys.  I was on to something big.  

If this sounds crazy to you, it’s because it should. This scenario is obviously nuts.  But consider this admittedly embellished, for effect, current viral theory that all scientists, medical doctors and virologists currently believe.  Let’s use the “novel SARS-Cov2” virus as our example. 

First, we take someone with an undefined illness called Covid 19.  We don’t even attempt to find any virus in their sputum.  Then this “virus” uses its spike protein to force its way onto the ACE2 receptor located in the vulnerable cell wall. The spike protein attaches to this receptor and injects its genetic material, in this case, RNA,  into the cell.  Once inside the cell, the RNA uses the machinery of the cell to reproduce itself making thousands, nay millions, of copies of itself.   Then it emerges victorious to claim its next victim.  

If you were to look in the scientific literature for proof, actual scientific proof, that uniform SARS-CoV2 viruses have been properly isolated from the sputum of a sick person, that actual spike proteins could be seen protruding from the virus (which has not been found), you would find that such evidence doesn’t exist.  If you go looking in the published scientific literature for actual pictures, proof, that these spike proteins or any viral proteins are ever attached to any receptor embedded in any cell membrane, you would also find that no such evidence exists.  If you were to look for a video or documented evidence of the intact virus injecting its genetic material into the body of the cell, reproducing itself and then emerging victorious by budding off the cell membrane, you would find that no such evidence exists.  The closest thing you would find is electron micrograph pictures of cellular particles, possibly attached to cell debris, both of which to be seen were stained by heavy metals, a process that completely distorts their architecture within the living organism.  This is like finding bits of paper stuck to the blown-up bricks, thereby proving the paper emerged by taking pieces of the bricks on its way out. 

This story is as make believe as my paper discovery, but the question is, where does it come from, who made it up?   The answer is interesting. It’s from the Nobel Prize-winning work of John Enders, who “discovered” the process of the viral culture, thereby proving that the measles virus caused the disease we call measles. Let’s look at the original Enders papers in some depth.  The references to these papers are found in the endnotes.  Here is what Enders did, the EXACT same procedure that has been followed by every virologist to find and characterize every new virus since 1954. Remember that viruses are supposed to be little pieces of genetic material, either DNA or RNA, surrounded by a protein coat.  Finding these particles of genetic material is the objective.  

First, Enders took throat swabs from children with measles and did the following:

“After swabbing the throat the swab was immersed in 2ml of milk.  Penicillin 100u/ml and streptomycin 50,g/ml were added to all throat specimens, which were then centrifuged.”


“Supernatant fluid and sediment resuspended in a small volume of milk were used as a separate inocula.”

If our aim is to find little particles of genetic material in the snot from the children with measles, it seems as if the last thing you would do is mix the snot with other material — milk — that also has genetic material.  How are you ever going to know whether whatever you found came from the snot or the milk?  Also, streptomycin is a nephrotoxic, meaning, poisonous-to-the-kidney drug. This issue will become important in a minute.

But then it gets worse, much worse, as Enders then describes the culture medium upon which the virus “grows.” He says:

“The culture medium consisted of bovine amniotic fluid (90%), beef embryo extract (5%), horse serum (5%), antibiotics and phenol red as an indicator of cell metabolism.”

Did he just say that the culture medium also contained fluids and tissues that are themselves rich sources of genetic material?  Then this medium is inoculated onto tissue and cells from rhesus monkey kidney tissue. This is where the importance of streptomycin and the currently used antimicrobials used in ALL modern viral cultures — which are gentamicin and amphotericin, two well-known nephrotoxic drugs — comes into play.  How are you ever going to know from this witch’s brew where any genetic material comes from as we now have five different sources of rich genetic material in our mix?   Remember, all genetic material, whether from monkey kidney tissues, bovine serum, milk, etc., is made from the exact same components. Also, how are you possibly going to know that it was the virus that killed the kidney tissue and not the toxic antibiotic and starvation rations on which you are growing the tissue?

The answer to this question comes a few pages later:

“A second agent was obtained from an uninoculated culture of monkey kidney cells. The cytopathic changes it induced in the unstained preparations could not be distinguished with confidence from the viruses isolated from measles.”

There is the answer.  The death of the cells (the “cytopathic changes”) happened in exactly the same manner, whether they inoculated the kidney tissue with the measles snot or not. This is evidence that the destruction of the tissue, the very proof of viral causation of illness, was not caused by anything in the snot because they saw the same destructive effect when the snot was not even used.  The cytopathic, i.e., cell-killing, changes come from the process of the culture itself, not from any virus in any snot, period.

     Believe it or not, it gets worse.  In his 1957 paper, Enders makes the following statements:

“Ruckle has lately reported similar findings and in addition has isolated an agent from monkey kidney tissue that is so far indistinguishable from human measles virus.”

Ruckle, another virologist, published a paper showing that the breakdown products of monkey kidney cells are “indistinguishable” from the so-called measles virus.  In other words, these particles called “measles viruses” are simply and clearly breakdown products of the starved and poisoned tissue.

     Enders finishes this paper with the following quote:

“There is a potential risk in employing cultures of primate cells for the production of vaccines composed of attenuated virus, since the presence of other agents possibly latent in primate tissues cannot be definitely excluded by any known method.”

Surely after 63 years and trillions of dollars spent studying viruses, we are now able to distinguish a virus from debris coming from either our own or some animal tissue.  Here is a final quote from a paper published in the journal Viruses, in May 2020 (reference in endnotes).  Just a note, what they are called EVs refers to particles of genetic debris coming from our own tissues:

“The remarkable resemblance between EVs and viruses has caused quite a few problems in the studies focused on the analysis of EVs released during viral infections.”

And then later in the paragraph comes the final death song of the viral theory:

“However, to date, a reliable method that can actually guarantee a complete separation (of EVs from viruses) DOES NOT EXIST.”

To summarize, there is no scientific evidence that pathogenic viruses exist.  What we think of as “viruses” are simply the normal breakdown products of dead and dying tissues and cells.  When we are well, we make fewer of these particles; when we are starved, poisoned, suffocated by wearing masks, or afraid, we make more.  There is no engineered virus circulating and making people sick.  People in laboratories all over the world are making genetically modified products to make people sick. These are called vaccines. There is no virome, no “ecosystem” of viruses, viruses are not 8%, 50% or 100 % of our genetic material.  These are all simply erroneous ideas based on the misconception called a virus.  

The final question must become, is there a way out of this mess?  The answer is yes, and the solution has two components. The first part will come from a scientific study I know about, which will be undertaken by scientists who will use proper controls, who will be completely transparent and who will submit the results to a peer-reviewed journal. We believe this study will demonstrate once and for all that pathogenic viruses do not exist, that they are artifacts of a completely unscientific tissue culture process.  We’ll be posting updates on the progress of the study on our website,

The second part of the solution is to recognize that the dilemma we all find ourselves in is not new. It was perfectly described hundreds of years ago in the story of Sleeping Beauty. In that story the “witch” of materialism cast a spell on the young princess, saying that if she got an injection (described as a prick in those days), the entire kingdom would go into lockdown under the influence of this powerful spell. Try as they did to protect the princess, she did, in fact, prick her finger, and the entire world became “locked down” and engulfed in toxic thorns. None could save the princess or the kingdom.  But one day a young prince heard about this situation and said, “I will save the kingdom.”  Everyone told him to stop, that he would also be torn to shreds by the toxic thorns. The prince simply replied, “I am not afraid.” As a result, the spell had no power over him, the toxic thorns parted, and the wonder, health and beauty of the world was restored.  

Let us, too, not be afraid. Let us throw away our masks, open up our businesses, see and hug our friends and family members, and teach our children that the world is a beautiful and awe-inspiring place, a co-creation of the human being, the world of nature and the divine.  Join me, we can do this.  

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