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Customer Complaints can actually be good for Business

The world today is tightly knit with accelerated technological advancement. The intellect of the customers escalated with the usage of the internet.

The tech savvy customers can use their intellect and skills to take advantage of current technology in their day-to-day life.

The internet has provided its users with many platforms and websites to facilitate them in every possible way. 

Everything now is done online, such as shopping, selling, purchasing and also filing of complaints. 

What are customer’s complaints?

According to Wikipedia, a consumer complaint or customer complaint is “an expression of dissatisfaction on a consumer’s behalf to a responsible party”.

A complaint is said to be a situation when a customer’s expectation about the quality of the brand or service has not been fully met by the company that promised to provide it to their customers.

A Customer complaint is a gift

In this modern day, businessmen have realized customers’ complaints to be an important element for the growth and success of their businesses and for the customer retention as well.

They considered it as a gift!

To keep the customers satisfied or happy with the services, the business providers can get the idea from the customers feedback or via customers complaints.

Janelle Barlow in her book, “A Complaint is a Gift”, emphasized the fact that complaints are not to be avoided the least in fact must be welcomed for several reasons:

  • You can’t improve the quality of the product or service, customer complaints can help you identify the problem.
  • Customer complaints help you elicit ideas for your new products and services.
  • Customer complaints can help you formulate new strategies to make them continue to do business with you.
  • It also gives you important information about people, and their interests.

Knowing the customer’s feedback is a powerful tool that can turn customers’ complaints into business and marketing success.

What is the best way to file complaints?

On the internet, there are many professional, safe and first ranked websites or platforms particularly designed for the customers to submit their complaints due to the dissatisfaction against the companies or famous brands, which they experienced after using their services or products.

These websites act as grievance redress mechanisms for the citizens and customers, like the most commonly used website promises to expedite the filed complaints and its redressal – and communicating all the while that makes them feel heard.

These filing complaints websites ensure best results and outcome for your lodged complaints. 

They know how to handle the issues in an effective manner to achieve the results in the complainants favour in the best possible way.

One of the advantages of publishing your complaints on these secure and visible websites increases the probability that your complaint will get noticed by the public. 

The search engines take into account these complaints and make it visible to the public and the social media platforms also take notice of the complaints that make it accessible or in modern terms, make it go viral.

These social media platforms or complaining websites have given the customers the power to hold the companies, even huge brands and corporations accountable on internet forums.

Building a bond with customers

When the complaint is published online, the companies against which the complaint is launched, have a good opportunity in hand to improve their business tactics by resolving a customer’s issue. 

These filed complaints on these highly visible websites, provides you a better chance to address the issue and build a close relationship with your customer.

And once the complaint is resolved, it can become the positive advertisement for your business.

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