Posted by Jon Rappoport Posted on 7 February 2021

Vaccine Airlines, Jewish Airlines, Islamic Airlines

In this article, I present four brief conversations—-

ONE: “Hello, Vaccine Airlines. What is your destination?”

“I’m flying from Newark to Chicago.”

“Have you received the COVID-19 vaccine?”

“Of course.”

“Can you prove it?”

“How would I do that?”

“Do you have the Stasi App on your cell phone?”


“I’m sorry. Until you do, and it indicates you’re vaccinated, you can’t fly with us.”

“I just want to buy your product.”

“Impossible. You must satisfy certain conditions before we allow you to buy it.”

TWO: Hello, Jewish Airlines. What is your destination?”

“I’m flying from Miami to New Orleans.”

“Are you Jewish?”

“Of course.”

“Can you prove it?”

“How would I do that?”

“You need the Moses App on your cell phone.”

“I don’t have a cell phone.”

“Then, as far as we’re concerned, you aren’t Jewish. You can’t fly with us.”

THREE: “Hello, Islamic Airlines. What is your destination?”

“I’m flying from New York to Cincinnati.”

“Do you practice the Islamic Faith?”


“Can you prove it? We have a Central Registry. They do background checks.”

“You won’t take my word?”


FOUR: “This is ridiculous. Vaccination isn’t in the same category as religious membership.”

“If I offered to show you evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine is ineffective and dangerous, would you examine that evidence?”

“Of course not.”

“Why not?”

“Because, first of all, social media are censoring that kind of ‘information,’ so I know it’s bogus. And second, all experts agree that vaccination is greatest medical discovery in history.”

“What if they’re wrong?”

“They can’t be wrong.”

“Why not?”

“Because if they were, Reality itself would be turned upside down, and we would all be living in some kind of fantasy.”

“That’s your bottom line?”


There is another carrier called Trans Airlines. They only allow transgender persons to fly, but that is a much longer conversation, and I leave it to you to write it…

Keep this in mind. Months ago, the US Department of Health and Human Services issued a declaration stating that NO LIABILITY could be attached to any person who participates in medical counter-measures against SARS-CoV-2. Therefore, it appears that, if a person takes the COVID vaccine, in order to fly (given airlines’ emerging demands), and suffers grave injury or dies from the shot, there will be no legal recourse.

The exception is a new “COVID vaccine court” set up by the federal government. The complaining party pleads his case before a panel. However, I assume that convincing these judges a loved one died as a result of the vaccine, and not “another underlying condition,” will be a very tall mountain to climb.

Here is one more conversation that might interest you:

“Hello, Vaccine Airlines. What is your destination?”

“I want to book a flight, but I’m not taking the COVID vaccine. I’d like to speak with a person who’ll listen to my reasons for turning down the shot.”

“Certainly. Just a moment. I’ll transfer your call.”

“Hello, I’m Agent Martin, FBI Division of Domestic Terrorism. This call is being recorded. How can I help you?”

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