Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 7 February 2021

Mind Matters: Wokeism: From Ideology to Mask of Sanity.

Wokeness may appear crazy to its critics, but underneath the surface is something even more sinister than most are willing to admit. As an ideology with wide appeal, critical social justice theory has served its purpose as the lockpick to western civilization, as James Lindsay has put it. It has opened the gates to the highest political power, and every aspect of western culture. But what has entered through the gates?

Today on MindMatters we look at Wokeness through the lens of ponerology (with current examples, e.g., the recent GameStop controversy). For psychopaths, ideologies serve as the perfect trojan horse for taking power, and wielding it. Wokeness – with its cynical views of human nature and explicit authoritarianism – is just another variation on the theme of the twentieth century, which saw the rise of communism and fascism. Once the ideologues have taken power, the ideology ceases to bear any resemblance to its original form. Rather, it becomes a mask for pure pathology. And by that time, it’s usually too late to stop it.

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