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Jab Promotor Katie Price’s Son Harvey Suffers Severe Reaction To Toxic DNA-Manipulating Fake ‘Vaccine’ – more confirmation that ignorance is not bliss

By Jacqui Deevoy

People are slating mum-of-five celeb Katie Price who, just two days ago, was gushing for joy about her son Harvey being the youngest person in Britain to get the new experimental Astra Zeneca Covid jab. .

According to Price, Harvey, 18, got the injection early because he’s “clinically vulnerable”, suffering from a series of disabilities including obesity.

Shortly after being given the toxic shot, Harvey’s temperature rose to a starling 39.9 degrees and he started shaking uncontrollably. He was rushed to hospital but is home now.

Katie, who put her name and face to the Sun newspaper’s Jabs Army campaign, promoting the new vaccine, is one of millions of Brits who are sucked in by the idea that vaccines are good.

It’s easy to say she’s a heartless shill, putting her child at risk for a few handfuls of cash – and, judging by reactions on social media, it would appear that that’s how many see her right now.

But the actual problem is that, sadly, the ex-model turned TV star is just not educated on the dangers of vaccines. It’s unlikely she knows what the ingredients of this new jab are: the majority of people who’ve had it don’t know either. They trust the men in white coats and believe that docs know best. Sadly, they don’t. Ask any GP how long they spent studying immunology during their seven years at medical school and you’ll be told that it’s invariably less than half a day and from literature provided by the pharmaceutical companies that make the vaccines.

Millions of people worldwide have been injured after being vaccinated, but very few doctors will admit that the vaccines are at fault. Any doctor who dares question the efficacy or safety of a vaccine, gets struck off at best, bumped off at worst. It’s no wonder so few dare to speak out. 

Like Katie Price, the majority of parents think that by getting their kids vaccinated, they’re doing the right thing. Parents are supposed to give informed consent to vaccines, but all they’re given – if anything – is a patient leaflet, a shiny brochure – an advert. Ask the person doing the jabbing for a vaccine insert (the piece of paper than comes in the vaccine box and explains the risks of the vaccine) and most won’t know what you’re talking about. Many doctors and nurses admit that they’ve never read a single insert – they’ve been told the vaccines are safe and effective, in their opinion, that’s all they need to know. In actual fact, no vaccine has been proven to be safe or effective. Not once. Not ever. And this new jab, the one young Harvey had, is still in its trial stages and will be until 2023.

The Astra Zeneca jab, classed as an ‘experimental’ vaccine and being tested now on the human guinea pigs who have – thanks to media stories of scarcity – been clamouring for it, is not safe at all, with 22,820 reactions and 143 deaths being reported within three weeks of roll-out, up until January  24th 2021. In the last two weeks, there will, no doubt, have been more.

If Katie Price had known that, perhaps she would have declined the jab on her son’s behalf. If she’d read the section on the NHS website that says that these new vaccines don’t necessarily stop a person catching or transmitting the virus, she may have thought twice. And if she’d looked into the possible side effects of vaccines, she wouldn’t have let this new one anywhere near her precious son.

It’s highly unlikely that this clearly brainwashed woman deliberately put her teenage son at risk. She was probably paid well for being the face of the Sun’s Jabs Army, but that doesn’t mean she put her child at risk in exchange for money, as a lot of her critics are suggesting. No… like so many parents, Katie’s son was harmed, not only by the neurotoxins in the vaccine, but also by her own ignorance. She’s just another sad victim of endless government brainwashing.

It often takes a tragedy like this to wake up a parent. Thousands of children are maimed by vaccines each and every year in the UK alone. Some die. Yet getting a doctor to admit that it’s the vaccine that caused the problem is nigh on impossible. Having said that, it seems all the weekend papers are reporting that Harvey’s reaction was, in fact, brought about by the poisonous jab. This is progress. (The national UK papers rarely report that vaccines are the cause of injury and death, quite often because they’re running pro-vax campaigns, but that’s a separate story…)

Back to Katie … We have to have a modicum of empathy for this poor lost soul. It’s a huge responsibility for any parent to make decisions for an adult child who’s unable to make decisions for themselves. Because of her son’s disabilities, this is what Katie has had to do. Through ignorance, we all make mistakes. Parents who make this kind of mistake, however, feel especially guilty. Hopefully, Harvey will recover and hopefully Katie will now start looking into the dangers of vaccines. Once she finds out what so many parents of vaccine-injured children already know, she’ll never allow her kids near a needle again.

Waking up journeys start in different ways for different reasons. Katie Price’s journey starts now.

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