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Covid: What would a ‘vaccine passport’ allow you to do?

The UK Government will “help facilitate” a ‘vaccine passport’ to allow people to travel and potentially more, according to minister James Cleverly.

It is hoped the concept would allow those who have received the Covid-19 vaccine to live freer lives and therefore be a boost to the economy in time for the summer.

Not only does the vaccine stop someone from getting Covid-19, it also has been shown to reduce the risk in giving it to others, too.

Denmark and Sweden have already announced the launch of similar programmes. 

The hope in Sweden that they could introduce a viral certificate system by June, allowing greater freedoms to the inoculated. 

Currently, travellers to many countries are forced to prove they have they have recently tested negative for Covid and even then are required to spend time in quarantine. 

What would a ‘vaccine passport’ allow me to do?

A number of countries have already said they would welcome the introduction of UK tourists this summer thanks to the progress made with the vaccination programme.

Greece has confirmed it would embrace vaccinated visitors from the UK as it looks to boost its tourism industry after a fallow year, allowing the inoculate to forego any quarantine rules.

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