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Air freight from China to USA costs

Air freight from China to USA is a safe and fast method. It is the cheapest method for goods between 150 kg and 500 kg. In general, it is cost effective for small cargoes. The overall freight costs you face here are:

  • transporting from factory to Chinese airport
  • Exports formalities
  • Main shipping
  • US customs clearance
  • Door to door delivery
  • China and US local logistics
  • Tax and duties

Follow Express to calculate your air freight rate. But the formula for calculating volumetric weight is different:

Length × Weight × High/6000

It depends on the type of goods and the destination airport. There are many airports in the United States, each offering a different service. Variety of services and the distance of the US airport from China cause variation in costs.

Factors that affect the air freight cost

Rates in this industry are constantly changing. Now we want to look at some of the factors that cause this to happen.

Peak season. Shipping costs are rising rapidly during this season, like a month before Christmas, Thanksgiving or Chinese New Year. Because in these times the demand rises dramatically. As a result, everything becomes more expensive.

Packaging. Packaging is a very important factor for your product. At the same time as it protects the product from damage, it should be light. Because the weight and volume of the package is influential in determining the rate.

Incoterms. All transactions based on Incoterms rules specify whether the costs are borne by the buyer or seller. There are 12 types.

Insurance. In this case, try to choose the most coverage.

Distance and airport. The longer the distance, the higher your cost. So try to choose the nearest port. 

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