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6 Tips When Purchasing CBD Online

We are in a time where it can be dangerous to leave the home for people with underlying conditions. Companies are having to shift their business models to cater to customers who aren’t willing to shop at retail stores. Luckily for CBD consumers, there are plenty of options to purchase CBD oil online and have it delivered directly to your mailbox.

Buying CBD from trusted organic CBD brands is ideal. You can ask questions from a CBD expert and browse a wide array of products. While buying online doesn’t give you the option to consult with a salesperson, you have more options online. If you follow this guide you will be able to sort out the legitimate online companies from the frauds.

Tips For Buying CBD Online

We have put together six tips for CBD users to become experts at buying CBD online.

#1 3rd Party Lab Tests

Before buying online, make sure the company has 3rd party lab tests that are easily accessible on their website. It is necessary to have CBD tested by a separate entity that has no stock in the success of the product. There are labs specifically for testing cannabis, they don’t have any reason to manipulate the lab results.

It is a necessity to check these tests to ensure you are buying CBD. Many companies will try to sell hemp seed oil and pass it off as CBD oil. Checking for a 3rd party potency test is the easiest way to weed out these fraudulent companies.

#2 Reviews

Check online reviews. This is one of the biggest advantages of ordering online. You can browse through real testimony from confirmed buyers who looked for CBD oils to help their sleep issues or for pain relief.

#3 Price

CBD is getting cheaper. There is no reason to pay hundreds of dollars for CBD oil anymore. Most companies are going to come in at about $0.5-$0.15 per milligram. Next time you are looking to buy CBD pills, do a little simple math to make sure you aren’t getting ripped off.

#4 Return Policy

We recommend only buying from online retailers that have a no questions asked return policy. If they are an honest retailer selling legitimate CBD products, they will have no problem offering returns.

#5 Cannabinoids and Terpenes

In addition to checking lab tests to make sure you are buying CBD; it is imperative to check for other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Retailers selling full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products charge higher prices than CBD isolate. We recommend looking at the cannabinoids potency tests to ensure that the product is full or broad spectrum. These products should have a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes.

If you are concerned with taking THC, you will also want to check the cannabinoid potency tests to be sure the product is THC free.

#6 Carrier Oil

All CBD oil contains a carrier oil. The two most common are MCT oil and hemp seed oil. Both carriers have separate benefits. It is good to know what you are buying so you can make an informed decision between the two options.

As we navigate through this difficult period it is wise to order as much of your essential products online as possible. This protects the retail workers, the people you love, and yourself from potentially contracting Covid-19.

Buying CBD online has never been easier. There are lots of opportunities to get promo codes from your favorite CBD company’s social media.

Before you look for CBD edibles for sale, make sure the company is providing lab tests, has a return policy, and you aren’t overpaying for the product. If you are buying full or broad-spectrum products, have a look at the cannabinoid and terpenes lab tests to make sure you are getting a quality product. Be safe and enjoy all the options to purchase CBD online.

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