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WATCH: The Jab – How the WHO Faked a Pandemic to Sell Vaccines

This brilliant short video from the Children’s Health Defense concisely summarises the corrupt tragedy of the H1N1 vaccine, and how that situation should serve as a warning to the whole world today. 

A brief summary:

  • Governments all over the world sign “sleeping contracts” with pharmaceutical firms to buy flu vaccines in the event of a pandemic.
  • In 2009 the World Health Organization changed its official definition of “pandemic” to a much looser one (with no requirement for anyone to have died).
  • Just weeks later they declared the H1N1 flu a “pandemic”, despite minuscule numbers of deaths
  • This triggered sleeping contracts worth billions.
  • Governments were legally obliged to buy up and distribute untested flu vaccines.
  • The vaccines caused serious, life-long side effects in over 1300 children.
  • Legal immunity meant no pharmaceutical firm paid any compensation, instead reparations were paid by taxpayers
  • Many of the scientists who advised the WHO declare a pandemic were later revealed to have financial interests in vaccine manufacturers.

This shocking recent history has been totally memory-holed in the mainstream, but serves as a dress rehearsal for our current “crisis”. Watch the video, share it widely. It has, quite obviously, never been more important or more relevant.

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