Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 4 February 2021

‘Gambians have seen through the hoax’

Dear Gareth, David, Jaymie and all that work with you,
It is almost 10 years now I have been constantly studying David’s work, which I was introduced to by Rastafarian’s (you are all true Rasta’s!).  Thanks for every spoken and written word 
I appreciate you must get 1000’s of emails so I’m unsure this will make it directly to yourselves

I’m based in Horsham, West Sussex, UK lived in Sussex all of my life.  I am married to a Gambian lady who is still in Africa 🙁
My wife attended the Presidential congress event yesterday in Bakau at the Independence Stadium (she went with family / doesn’t do politricks).  We have been physically separated for more than a year because of all that has been going on.  I plan to visit in March, first flight out if the obvious lifts, then later this year the visa should get approved thus we can start a family and be together forever.  I am monitoring travel restrictions.  I also feel that Africa has still “got it coming” in relation to the hoax 
I felt the need to let you know that Gambians know exactly what is going on in relation to the hoax 
Please see the attached videos from the conference.  The last thing Africa is about is masks and social distancing!!!!
I am a legit emailer, not big on social media.  I do have a future plan to bring yourselves to the Crawley Hawth in West Sussex (800 seats and a side studio with 150 seats)  when things “settle”.  I organise events every so often
I have put my number to show I am real.
One Love to you all, take care 
Toby (and Hawa!) Grimes 

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