Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 4 February 2021

Disclosure: The Secret Covenant

The Secret Covenant is an anonymous document recently ‘discovered’ that spread rapidly around the internet. Prior to the internet, such secret documents had to be dug up in caves to be considered authentic. For instance, in 1945 The Nag Hammadi texts, a set of gnostic gospels, were discovered in an Egyptian cave after having allegedly been buried for 1500 years.

Since the authors of ancient documents are unknown, the question of authentication is always raised. In the past, the population had to “have faith” that such texts were authentic. Church-sanctioned experts verified authenticity because beliefs are central to all religions. What if the three Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism), which require submission to God, all derive from one ancient mystic religion? What if the authors of these texts were written by one power-hungry, Elite group with advanced technology that came from somewhere else?

What if known human history is a fabrication of a true history that has been destroyed?

From Disclosure To Consent

A covenant is a contract. According to the rules of engagement in the universe, all contracts require the consent of the population before any action is taken due to possible adverse effects. This is a principle of Universal law. Even if the authors or historians are only able to gain consent through silent acquiescence, consent remains critical, since it moves the karma from them to us. The karmic ball is suddenly in the people’s court. Self-induced karma. We are responsible for the consequences.

The Secret Covenant is no longer secret. The sudden leak into the public venue appears to be ‘soft disclosure’ by a secret society in order to gain the consent of the masses for their hidden dark acts that have been coming to light.

However, disclosure is also an opportunity for the masses to call out anonymous tricksters and deceivers, and to refuse to consent. There must always a choice in a free will universe. Such a law allows an opportunity for individuals to clearly take a stand.

Do you consent? Yes or No?

The Secret Covenant.

The following is an abbreviated list of declarations from The Secret Covenant stating the deliberate poisoning of the world population. The examples provided under each declaration offer proof of the covenant’s authenticity.

We will use soft metals, aging accelerators, and sedatives in food and water, also in the air.

Fluoride and lithium are medications added to municipal water supplies without consent but with known toxic health effects.

Weather warfare through chemicals have been used and disclosed by governments since the mid-1800s, from silver iodide cloud seeding operations to chemical warfare from military operations. Bunker fuel operations pollute the air from ships in the oceans. Land-based weather-control machines, modify the weather. Pacific Gas & Electric, California Energy Commission and California Dept. of Water do precipitation enhancement, fog dispersal and hail Suppression, among other operations, paid for by taxpayers. From rain-making to drought-making, today’s weather is completely manufactured. Humans live in a Geoengineered Reality.

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