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Disabled woman threatens to sue lovely, kind Tesco after she was thrown out of store for not wearing a mask from which she is exempt

A DISABLED woman has threatened legal action against a supermarket which reportedly ejected her for not wearing a face mask.

The Hungerford woman has suffered four heart attacks and suffers from cardiac arrhythmia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma.

Although not required to do so by law or Government guidelines, she wears a lanyard which states she is exempt from wearing a mask designed to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Despite this, she said she was asked to comply or to leave by staff and a store manager from Tesco in Hungerford.

The woman has asked not to be identified after she reportedly suffered a backlash on social media.

She told the Newbury Weekly News: “Ironically, the lanyard round my neck had been given to me by Tesco staff.

“But on this occasion I was approached by the store manager who said I would have to leave if I couldn’t wear a mask.

“He said two members of the local police team had been in that same morning and warned him not to allow anyone in without a mask.

“I feel people like myself are being discriminated against.

“This is against the law.”

She said the incident happened on Tuesday, January 12.

Her husband, who accompanied her that day, said: “I’m asthmatic so I am exempt, too, but I wore a mask on that occasion.

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