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Patient letter to doctor lays out widespread adverse effects of fake vaccines (which the UK government refuses to publish) and how there is no list of health conditions that should stop people having the fake vaccine. The list will be ‘available in March’ after multiple millions have already had the DNA-manipulating jab. They have contempt for you

 Dear Dr Phillips, 
I asked you last November for the list of conditions people have who shouldn’t have the vaccine, as it’s known to be a new technology vaccine. 

I’d be ignorant to my survival from 2 strokes and a ruptured brain aneurysm and my miraculous recovery, the team of neurosurgeons who saved my life, and the $250.000 my care cost, if I didn’t do all I could to keep well for as long as I could, is how I feel.
You replied: ‘There isn’t a list of conditions yet, it’ll be published by March ‘. This didn’t make sense to me.

Were they just going to vaccinate everyone who agreed to having one, without there being any exemptions for health reasons? Surely not … as so many people are allergic to so many things  … some things that could kill instantly or make people very ill.  So now we are at 1st February and nearly 8 million people have been vaccinated.  With no list still of conditions available.
On the  21st January I called the helpline for the MHRA. The advisor I spoke to for 11 minutes told me this when I asked when was the list of conditions going to be available: 

‘There isn’t going to be a list of conditions as there isn’t any data to form one from. Its brand new technology, so no data! We are absolutely overwhelmed with calls from people telling us how ill they are after the vaccines.’

She reeled off these horrific reactions people were telling her and her colleagues … ‘SEIZURES. ..PARALYSIS IN ARMS, LEGS AND FACES. ..EXTREME  VOMITING , BURNING SKIN ALL OVER, ITCHING HEAD TO TOE … AND VERY BAD HEADACHES FOR DAYS . 

‘We have had calls from lots of young people telling us they won’t have it because there isn’t any information to explain if it’s safe regards to fertility.’
I told her about my recent medical history. Straight away she said: ‘If you are living a healthy lifestyle , why would you ingest anything to interrupt or set you back in your recovery?’  I then joined a couple of Facebook groups set up for people to talk about and report adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines both here and in the States.
I am staggered at what I’m reading.  None of this is being reported on the news or on the TV at all, or from the government.  Yet one of their advisors told me all this. I’ve attached a few of them for you to see. I have another 100 in my inbox. 
Dr Philips, I am beyond concerned. You have the response from Dr Duffel after my last MRI scan in November. My aneurysm has healed and I’m building up my strength in eating healthily and living a very healthy lifestyle.  Why would I risk more poor health or worse  to have a vaccine with such terrible results for so many already, which is being kept quiet. This is terrible and criminal surely? 

I haven’t seen our son in Western Australia for 2 years. I was with him when I was struck with the aneurysm and I am terrified my recovery will not end but I will die if I have these vaccines.  I request you make me exempt in light of all that I have said and shared with you.   
Sincerely yours, 

Julie Croley. 

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