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Solid reasons to buy elevator shoes

elevator shoes for men

Styles come and go, and rarely do they carry benefits that extend past the “because it looks cool.” However, one trend that is growing in popularity offers solid reasons to buy into it. Elevator shoes have some scratching their head. When you understand the benefits they offer, it is less confusing to see why many are turning to this new footwear.

Height Advantage

A given benefit to this shoe is the height advantage they offer. As the name suggests, a lift inside the sole gives you up to six inches on others around you. The best part is the raised shoes are not overly noticeable (forget the awkward look of moon boots). Women wear heels to become taller, but men need something less visible. People expect eye contact when conversing. However, when you are shorter than the person you are talking to, this is difficult. You do not want to come off in the wrong light, just because you are ashamed of the fact you cannot see eye to eye.

Improve Overall Posture

If you have ever watched a female walk in heels, they stand up straight and have a solid gait. This is because the height of the shoe requires you to walk straight or your ankles give out. The same holds for men’s elevator shoes. It will take time to improve your posture, but it is worth the effort. People who walk with their back straight come across as more attractive and more confident.

Improves Self-Esteem

Women naturally are attracted to taller men. Much of this goes back to the alpha and submissive views. Stronger individuals are believed to stand over the weaker people. This belief stems back to watching alpha animals in the wild forcing weaker species to cower in their presence. Wearing guidomaggi elevator shoes naturally puts you at a height advantage and improves your self-esteem. As you begin to feel more confident, you exude the emotions to others.


There is nothing worse than being forced to walk around in an uncomfortable pair of shoes. A benefit of elevator footwear is the comfort they bring. Unlike heels for women, men’s lifts keep the sole level. Your entire foot is raised, making them just as comfortable as normal pairs of shoes.

Styles Galore

Men get a benefit with elevator shoes that women do not. Heels are the only shoes that add height to a female. However, lifts can be found in sneakers, boots, and loafers. Regardless of the occasion, you can find a style that fits your needs. You will be able to go anywhere without anyone knowing you hide a secret in your feet.

Better Communicator

When you hold a conversation with another person, you want to keep their attention. We read expressions and body language to determine how our words are coming across. This is difficult when you are shorter and unable to maintain eye contact. Teachers often crouch when speaking to their students. Elevator shoes prevent someone from having to reduce their height to speak effectively.

Being shorter than average is a difficult pill to swallow, however, it should not prevent you from radiating self-confidence and meeting someone eye to eye. With the massive benefits that the guidomaggi elevator shoes offer, people of any stature can get in on this fashion trend.

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